The Gorgeous Belfast Botanical Gardens

The gorgeous Botanic Gardens in Belfast is a free-entry, 28-acre public park popular with both locals and tourists on caravan holiday to Northern Ireland. The gardens have been open since the 1800’s and provide one of the earliest examples of glasshouses in the world. The garden boasts plants that are a century old among its borders, some which took decades to flower.

The most popular attraction in the garden is the Dombeya, which flowers every February and attracts flower enthusiasts from afar. There is also an extensive rose garden and glasshouses with different climates for the variety of plants and flowers. Catch a game of bowling on the green as well!

At the entrance of the Botanic Garden is the Ulster Museum which features a collection of Northern Ireland’s art, nature, history and culture on display in exhibits and interactive displays. See a dinosaur skeleton or a slice of a meteor – it’s all here at the Ulster Museum and best of all – it’s free!

(Photo: The Domebya, a wildly popular attraction to the Botanic Garden)

Back to 1909 with Titanic Belfast

A world-wide visitor attraction for nearly a million maritime and movie enthusiasts a year, The Titanic Belfast is comprised of nine galleries with reconstructions, artifacts, interactive features, and special effects that will delight the entire family.

Explore the Titanic story from a new perspective from the build at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, on Queen’s Island in the early 1900’s to her maiden voyage to the catastrophic demise that would overtake the ship far too soon. Follow the story through history as she was found in 1985 and the subsequent rescue of thousands of items now on display.

While the museum is self-guided, there is a 1-hour Discovery Tour available with a guide walking around the immediate area of the museum. Walk in the same footsteps of the builders while hearing stories of the individual people on the fateful voyage, her final hours, and the tragic wreckage today.

(Photo: Titanic Belfast, Belfast Northern Ireland)
CS Lewis Square

All that Belfast City Centre has to Offer on your Caravan Holiday

Northern Ireland has no shortage of public art to visit and given the breadth of the area, there is time to see as many as you like! There are more than 50 pieces in the region, but the densest areas are the city centre and city hall. Here are only a couple of the many statues, monuments and art displays the region has displayed.

The Big Fish, created in 1999, tells the story of Belfast on close inspection via the printed ceramic blue tiles the 10m fish is made from. Stop by this art piece (and time capsule) for a view of the River Lagan – and a selfie with the Big Fish.

In CS Lewis Square, find 7 bronze sculptures from Northern Ireland’s beloved author of “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” as well as others. The square is located near the East Side visitors centre where users can find interactive screen access of the city’s other attractions and a map of the area.

(Photo: Maugrim, CS Lewis Square, Belfast Northern Ireland.
Photo © Albert Bridge (cc-by-sa/2.0))

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