Rent My Caravan FAQs

The caravans available for hire through Rent My Caravan are all privately owned. This is because throughout our 20-year experience we believe this truly provides the better value for money for those wanting a caravan holiday. It also provides endless flexibility and a more extensive range of caravans and holidays to choose from.

Absolutely not, the price you are shown on each caravan and holiday is the price that you will pay. Rent My Caravan do not charge any extra fees for making a booking.

Rent My Caravan are unable to make any guarantees as we do not own any of the caravans for hire, or the holiday parks listed. We do however do our best to ensure that people have an enjoyable holiday as we like to encourage repeat bookings.

We do not provide caravan holiday insurance.

Unlike chain holiday park operators we do not have a one rule fits all, which is one of the many benefits of holidaying in private caravans. The options are as flexible and individual as you could wish for. Whereas some caravan owners will be happy to take a booking from those with pets, children, smokers, same sex groups such as stag and hen parties, etc. others will not. We make searching those who are suitable for you as easy as possible through our Advanced Search function which will bring up only caravans that accommodate your requirements.

We understand that things change often; and want to make any changes known in your listing. Whatever your reasons for wanting to update your advertisement are, you can do this as often as you like. There are no limitations on updates. You can make any necessary amendments through the member’s area, and as it’s your page, change the listing when necessary.

Whatever point of contact you have chosen to list, will be the method used by those with enquiries or those who want to make a booking. You must provide an email address within your advertisement, however telephone numbers are completely optional.

This is your advert and the information you include is your choice. We advise owners to be honest with their adverts to avoid complaints, holiday disappointment and negative reviews. A page will be designed for you from your original submission and the additions you made to it are totally up to you, add as much or as little information as you like. You can also include up to 8 photographs of your caravan, the local area and attractions or the park itself.

You will receive targeted traffic from search engine enquiries, for example if your caravan is located in Cornwall then those searching for caravans in Cornwall will find your advert online with minimal fuss. You also receive your own webpage which can contain 12 photographs of your choice, unlimited text, availability calendar, pricing plus your own member log in details to allow you to make unlimited and instant updates to your page.

Through Rent My Caravan you will pay £79 per year, including VAT, for your first caravan to be listed. Any caravan that you list after this will be £39 per year, and also include VAT.