Will you be making the most of Brexit Tourism this Year?

Brexit Tourism
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Last year there was a boom in tourism to the UK following the referendum. Brexit tourism shows no sign of slowing down this year or anytime soon.

In 2016 the Office for National Statistics recorded 37.3 million visits from abroad with an increase in tourists from North America.  In January 2017 record breaking figures emerged with 2.85 million visitors arriving to enjoy a break in Britain. This is not least due to the lower value of the pound which makes holidays 11% cheaper to foreign tourists than they were a year ago.

Both holiday and business travel have increased enormously and tourists are spending more in Britain too – around 15% more on 2016.

According to Visit Britain bookings for inbound flights for summer 2017 have increased by 19% on last year and the boom is likely to continue.

Naturally, all of this fantastic news has had a positive impact on related businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants and all forms of holiday accommodation providers.

So why not get your share of Brexit tourism?

At Rent My Caravan we have also seen a sharp increase in bookings for static caravan rentals. If you are a caravan owner consider advertising on our very busy portal.  As the saying goes “if you are not in it, you can’t win it”! While the Brexit tourism boom lasts why not get your fair share of the benefit!

What will Rent My Caravan do for you?

Rent My Caravan gets over 20,000 visitors a month currently and rising. But we don’t just rely on our website to promote your holiday home.  When you register your static caravan with us, you get your own web page. Once you have uploaded your photos and information, we share that link across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus social media platforms.  If the photos are good we will make a slide show video of them which promotes your link on YouTube too. Check out the video below to see what you can expect at no extra cost. We regularly promote all the holiday homes so that every owner has an equal chance of getting bookings.

One thing we ask is that you try to keep your bookings calendar up to date on your web page. There is nothing more frustrating for potential guests than seeing free dates only to find they are not free at all.

To upload details of your holiday home click on advertise my caravan and follow the instructions. If you have any difficulties our friendly team will be more than happy to help.