Why some Owners get More UK Caravan Lets than Others

Advertising caravan lets
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Caravan lets work very well for owners by providing some income to offset against the maintenance and running costs of keeping a UK holiday home.

However, some owners get more caravan lets than others and here is why:

Unless your day job involves marketing it’s reasonable to assume you won’t have an in depth knowledge of advertising. You might have the most luxurious, fully equipped caravan on the planet but you won’t get many caravan lets unless people know where it is. Here are some ways that you can increase your rental potential:


Sign in the caravan window – You can place a “to let” notice in the window of your caravan with a telephone number for people to contact you.  Visually this is great but most of the people who see it will already be on the holiday park renting someone else’s caravan. You might pick up some lettings this way but they will be minimal.

Social Media – If you want a lot of bookings you’ll need to ‘up your game’ in the advertising stakes.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great platforms for advertising caravans for hire. You will doubtless get some bookings from social media but just like any other web page, success is reliant on the number of visitors to it.

If you use your personal page, only your friends and family will be seeing it and if you set up a special page for it, you’ll have to find a way to attract visitors to it.  Any social media expert will tell you that getting “likes” for pages is hard work and you need to constantly monitor the page.  If you get an enquiry and you don’t respond to it rapidly the potential renter will look at other pages to find what they want. In addition, there are hundreds of pages on  these social media sites that are advertising UK caravans for hire so until your page is established, rentals will be slow.

You can of course pay to advertise on social media, which will certainly get you more bookings, but this can be expensive and eat into your rental income.

Cards in shop windows – For a small fee per week you can place a card in newsagents’ and other shop windows. You can also place cards on supermarket notice boards.  This type of advertising will get you some caravan lets but probably only a fraction more than a “to let” sign in your caravan window.

Targeted Advertising – The best type of advertising is the targeted variety.  This means that your advertisement is seen by people who are actually looking for what you have to offer.  There is a myriad of UK caravan rental portals on the internet, some are free and others are not.

You have nothing to lose by placing your holiday home on a free caravan portal but you will often see lots of Google ads littering the pages.  These distract attention from what you are advertising. Your caravan will also invariably be among many other advertisers promoting the same as you are.
Free caravan rental portals mainly rely on just their websites to promote the caravans advertised on them spending very little money, if any, on other forms of publicity.

Paid caravan portals, like Rent My Caravan, do not place Google ads on the pages. You get your own web page specifically for your holiday home to which you can upload photos and as much information as you like.  To keep track of your caravan lets there is a calendar so that visitors can easily see the dates that are booked and those that are free.

Rent My Caravan can make a video of your holiday home, if the photographs you upload are good. There is no charge for this.  Every week caravans on the Rent My Caravan portal are posted on several social media platforms.  And every month the portal is visited by a minimum of 20,000 potential renters.

To advertise your caravan on our UK caravan rental portal is £75 per annum.  Each subsequent caravan is £32.50 if you own more than one that you are hiring out.

We leave it to you to decide which method of advertising is best for you and why some owners get more UK caravan rentals than others.