Why I Hire out my Caravan on Rent My Caravan

Hire out my Caravan on Rent My Caravan

When I bought my Static Caravan I intended to rent it out at times when I was not using it to recoup some of the costs of maintenance and my site fees. My family and I tend to use our Holiday Home for our summer holiday and the odd weekend so the remainder of the time it’s vacant. However, when I looked around for advertising opportunities to hire out my caravan I was confused. There were so many places to market it but I had no idea which was the best method.

Here is what I looked at and in some instances tried, before making the decision to register with Rent My Caravan:


Free Ads and Paid Ads

I started by placing an advertisement in my local newspaper free ads classified section. I didn’t get a booking and I got only two from other Free Ad sites like Preloved and Gumtree. So I decided to go for a small ad with a photo included in my local paper. It wasn’t expensive but in 6 months I only got one rental and by that time I had paid more than the profit I was hoping to make.

I looked at specialist magazines and found that I would need to take out a mortgage to pay for advertising in those.

Cards on Notice Boards & Shop Windows

I placed postcard advertisements in local shop windows and on supermarket notice boards. Some were free, others inexpensive at between 50p and a £1 per week. I got a few more rentals but nowhere near enough to fully book the vacant weeks.

With both the above methods I was limited to a number of words I could use to describe my Holiday Home. Naturally, I included my desire to hire out my caravan, how many people it would sleep, the fact it had air conditioning and central heating and where it was located. By the time I’d added one small picture and contact details I’d run out of space.  This led to every caller I got asking a myriad of questions about the Holiday Park, the facilities and amenities, the local area and what was available within walking distance such as the beach, shops, amusement centres etc.

The repetition on these calls drove me mad. I sometimes got halfway through the interrogation and if there was something that was missing from the potential renter’s wish list, that would end the conversation.

Static Caravan portals

There is a wealth of Static Caravan portals on the net and the rates vary enormously. Some are exceptionally cheap and others very expensive. I spent days trawling through them and then found Rent My Caravan.  I liked the look of the site in comparison to some of the others and the navigation was simple.  I would get my own page to upload my photos to; I could put as much information as I wanted on the page and indeed was encouraged to do so. There is a booking calendar so that visitors can see at a glance on which dates the caravan is booked or free.

However, none of these things influenced the final decision to hire out my caravan using the Rent My Caravan portal. What did was the huge amount of other things they do to make sure Static Caravans for hire are seen.  They regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. If you upload good quality photos they’ll even make a slideshow video of them and upload to YouTube.  In addition, you can download and print of a “For Hire” sign to place in your caravan window.

The other thing is that all enquiries come directly to me from my own allocated page, and a real bonus was that I got one year free because when I decided to hire out my caravan with  Rent My Caravan it was a relatively new portal. I will also be getting another year free, next year because I was one of the first caravan owners to register with them. Anyone who registers on the Rent My Caravan site before 31 December 2015 can also get a free year.

From the 1st January 2016 advertising rates will apply but they are not expensive when compared to the advertising coverage you get – for the first Static Caravan it will be £75.00 and if you are lucky enough to have more than one, each subsequent caravan is £32.50.

Over the past year, I have had more than enough bookings to hire out my caravan and cover my site fees. I’ve put so much information on my page that I only get the odd question and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Rent My Caravan portal to anyone.

Bob Harvey, Golden Gate Holiday Centre, North Wales