Who Are You Renting A Caravan From?


Renters Beware

Do you know who you’re renting your caravan off? We all see the nightmare stories, of people hiring caravans off social media and getting robbed of their money! That’s why we recommend using a site like ours or going directly to the park you’re wanting to stay on. Most parks will provide their own letting services for caravans on their park, for owners peace of mind and the renters of course.

Why Use A Site Like Ours?

Using a site like ours has many benefits! Not just for owners but the renters too! We have a set criteria that owners must meet before being able to post on our site. If they don’t then you won’t be eligible to have your ad published across our social media pages.

What’s needed? 

  • At least 6 good quality photos.
  • Your OWN photos. ( Copyright is taken very seriously!)
  • Full description
  • Price
  • Deposit Price

We take very seriously the safety of our users and the safety of their property that’s why on all adds we ask for a deposit! It’s totally up to the owner how high they set their deposit, depending on the prices they have set for their weekly rental.

We monitor all of the users on our site. Making sure that they fit our criteria, using their own photographs. Not using your own photographs is copyright and is a chargeable offence! For the plain a simple reason if you’ve not taken it yourself it’s not yours. You can ask for permission to use people’s photographs but please make sure you credit the owner when using them anywhere.