Great UK Summer Holiday Destinations for Young Kids

uk summer holiday destinations
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When your children start school family breaks are essential to spend quality time together. Here is a choice of UK summer holiday destinations the kids will love.

Staycations are easy to book when the kids are off school. There is not so much hassle with travelling since most places in the UK are within a couple of hours drive to a beach. Seaside resorts have holiday parks where children are entertained with a schedule of activities. Check out these UK summer holiday destinations:

North Wales

For many years North Wales has been a hugely popular place for UK summer holidays. The abundance of caravan holiday parks gives everyone a great choice of affordable accommodation.

North Wales is a positive adventure playground making it a perfect destination for young kids and adults alike.

Miles of sandy beaches and stunning mountain and lake scenery attract thousands of local and international tourists every year.  There are wildlife parks, enchanting castles and caves to explore and plenty of excitement for children.  Kids who are 7 upwards will be thrilled by the zip wires at Zip World.  They will love surfing on lakes with Surf Snowdonia,  the fun of the fair and the wealth of amusement and video game arcades.

Search on Rent My Caravan for static homes to rent at Golden Gate Holiday Centre or Whitehouse Leisure Park. Both are excellent family orientated caravan parks.


Always a favourite with kids, Blackpool is a traditional seaside town with the main attractions being the Beach and Amusement Park. There are plenty of old fashioned rides and new rides to give them a rush of adrenalin.

Enjoy the ‘Avalanche’, which is the equivalent of a bobsled ride through the Swiss Alps, travelling at 50mp.  Or if you are really brave, the Revolution where you go forward at speed in a carriage, round a loop and stop on a dead end track. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can take the forward ride and then decide whether you want to come back as I did. You have to return at the same high speed in reverse, looping the loop again!

Blackpool has everything you can expect to keep kids entertained on the beach and there is of course, lots of fish and chips, hot dogs, burgers and candy floss for the occasional treat.

Cheap accommodation can be found on Rent My Caravan with a host of caravan holidays parks to choose from. These include Marton Mere Holiday Village and Cala Gran Holiday Park. Both these sites belong to Haven so cater for everyone. There is so much happening at the park for kids they probably won’t want to leave the site! Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water flumes, mini golf, archery and wall climbing are just a few of the activities available.

As UK summer holiday destinations go, Blackpool is a great choice for family fun.


Cornwall is in the south west of England and the place to go for sand, sea and fun. It is one of the UK summer holiday destinations that surfers flock to in thousands every year.

Newquay, Penzance and Sennen at Land’s End are some of the most popular surfing towns. All provide lessons for beginners and waves that practised surfers dream about.

Both Newquay and Penzance have everything you’d expect from coastal resorts yet retain their traditional charm with fishing boats still bringing in their catch daily.

Sennen is a place to surf and see Land’s End. If you are looking for a quieter holiday, away from busy resorts, of all UK summer holiday destinations, Sennen is a good choice.

You’ll find plenty of caravan parks in and around Cornwall on Rent My Caravan.  Keep an eye on our blog for more of the best UK summer holiday destinations for young children.