UK Caravan Hire Near Dark Sky Discovery Sites

Dark sky discovery sites, UK Caravan Hire
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UK Caravan Hire provides inexpensive self-catering accommodation for stargazers near Britain’s many Dark Sky Discovery Sites.

Have you ever looked up at the dark night sky, really looked upwards and contemplated what you can see? Probably if you live in a city or a town in the UK, you won’t get to see very much. Perhaps in a built-up area, no more than around 20 stars are visible on a clear night. This is a real shame as out there, in our Milky Way galaxy, there are an enormous number of brilliant stars. Around 400 billion to be exact.

Travel out to the coast, or into the country and it’s a totally different matter. These 20 stars become millions. In some locations, it’s even possible to spot the hazy band of the Milky Way arcing across the dark night sky. There are some areas of the UK that are optimum locations for star gazing, which really means anywhere there is no direct light pollution. Throughout the UK there are over a hundred designated spots that are named as Dark Sky Discovery Sites, from Caithness to Cornwall (see more here

Static caravans ideal for stargazing interests

Many enthusiastic star gazers love to get into the open countryside, away from light polluted towns. Some of the ideal locations are holiday parks on the coast or in the open countryside. Searching on Rent My Caravan, you can locate static caravans in rural locations, on holiday parks that have open areas ideal for star gazing. Enthusiasts can also bring along their telescopes. Many of the holiday homes have decked areas, ideal for setting up your viewing equipment. Although there are around a hundred dedicated locations, here are some of our choices:

Galloway Forest Park

Just an hour from Carlisle and a couple of hours from Glasgow, the most popular spots here at Galloway Forest Park for gazing at the stars are at Loch Troool and The Machars. These are to be found on the moorland and sparsely populated hillsides south of Newton Stewart, a market town dating from the 17th century.


Having first received Dark Sky status in 2011, the dramatic coastline and rugged moorlands of Exmoor are perfect for night vision. The villages of Lynton and Lynmouth are connected by a funicular railway. Nearby is the charming seaside town of Ilfracombe.

Romney Marsh

The landscape here is festooned with ancient church spires in the distance while the marshes were once inhabited by smugglers. The Saxon town of Hythe gives visitors the best of two worlds. A bustling market town and a seaside resort with shingle beaches.


This forest in Northumberland is officially the darkest location in England. With around 250 square miles of stunning woodland and forests, where Scotland and Northumberland meet. Above the slopes of Black Fell, high above Kielder Water, is a modern, fabulous wooden clad observatory.

The National Trust has also published a list of its own properties that have been designated as Dark Sky Discovery sites.  These provide perfect locations for amateur stargazers wishing to test out their skills.

UK caravan hire 

Why not consider booking a caravan with several of your astronomy friends for a long weekend break? We have highlighted just some of the amazing Dark Sky Discovery sites. You can find many more on the internet.  UK Caravan hire on Rent My Caravan allows you to rent directly from the private owners. You decide how basic or luxurious you would like your holiday home to be and what price you want to pay for it.