Treasure Hunting on a Caravan Holiday

treasure hunting, caravan holiday
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If you have a passion for metal detectors and treasure hunting, be it small or large, book a caravan holiday in the UK on the coast and you might just get lucky. Over the years it really is quite staggering what people have found on British beaches and sometimes they don’t even know how valuable their finds are.

Searching for Ambergris

However, if you really want to make a fortune you don’t need a metal detector and the best way to find a particular treasure is to rent a caravan in Ireland or Scotland, preferably on the West coast. You will be looking for sperm whale vomit, but don’t panic – it won’t be a slimy mess.  It will look like a yellowish rock but will feel waxy to the touch. It won’t have a particularly pleasant smell but it is worth around £6,000 per pound. It contains “ambergris” which is an essential ingredient for French perfumers to manufacture their fragrances (will we ever use expensive perfume again?).  Ambergris is a natural ingredient to make perfume adhere to our skin without evaporating too quickly and it is mainly the French who use it, rather than many other perfumers who use synthetic products to do the same job.

Sperm whales can often be seen off the West coasts of Ireland and Scotland so these coastlines might easily yield some of this much sought after product. Just check out sperm whale sightings around the British coast and take your pick. Who knew?

There’s gold in Anglesey

If ambergris doesn’t appeal to you, rent a caravan near Moelfre, Anglesey in North Wales. Divers and beachcombers have found gold nuggets, ancient coins, gold dust, fossils and other artefacts on treasure hunting explorations. Many of them originated from a clipper that met a watery demise close to Anglesey, called the Royal Charter, during the Victorian era.  Its cargo was mainly Australian gold and although divers kept their find a secret for many years, it’s out in the open now. It is widely acknowledged that there is still a lot that has not yet been discovered.

Treasure hunting is fun

Treasure hunting and beach-combing are great activities on a caravan holiday, fun to do and all the family can get involved.  And if you own or rent a caravan at least you have somewhere to store your hoard if you find one.

Check out availability on the Rent My Caravan website where you can book a caravan holiday or short break direct with owners.  If you find any treasure do let us know.