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Holiday Caravans in Whitby for Goth Weekends

Holiday Caravans in Whitby for Gothic Weekends

If you are considering a relaxing short break why not check out Holiday Caravans in Whitby for Goth Weekends. It’s right on the coast of the North Yorkshire Moors and whether you are ‘into’ walking or hiking, or just a relaxing stroll it has a great deal to offer. You can find static caravan owners on the Rent My Caravan website and book your accommodation direct. Whitby is a ‘working’ fishing port, so there’s always activity in and around the harbour, which is accessible from both sides of the shoreline. A novel feature in the harbour area is the swing bridge, which carries traffic from one side of the harbour to the other, and of course, opens periodically for boats and ships to pass through….

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