Static Caravans for Rent. It may be Bigger Than Your Flat!

Big Static Caravans for Rent
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For people who believe static caravans are cramped spaces in which to crash after spending the day at the beach in the summer, or hiking through Britain’s abundant green and pleasant land we would like to dispel this myth. It may well have been true decades ago but static caravans have not been left out in this age of innovation and modern technology.

If you pick an area in the UK that you would ideally like to spend your holidays, you will find a wealth of caravan dealers who will be only too happy to show you static caravans that are possibly bigger than the flat you live in.

Fantastic features in static caravans for rent

Some are double glazed, may have two bathrooms including bath and shower, some even have Jacuzzis. In the ample lounge, you’ll invariably find a flat-screen TV and the kitchen will look just like your kitchen at home, fully equipped with the latest gadgetry. This may well be the reason why one in ten people who win the lottery purchase a state of the art static caravan.

In addition, you’ll find some static caravans have optional extras such as patio doors leading onto the most amazing decked area, complete with patio table and chairs should you feel like eating ‘al fresco’. You can find models that have loft space for storage and while you are looking upwards check out the ceiling speakers which will be connected to an MP3 system.

For winter holidays you will have central heating and usually a rather attractive feature fireplace in the lounge. In the bedrooms, you’ll see that the beds are the same size as those you have at home and in some cases, there may be an en-suite bathroom. There’s usually plenty of storage space in wardrobes and built in cupboards above and down the sides of the bed.

Modern static caravans are affordable to rent and to buy

Furniture is tasteful as are the fixtures and fittings. If you are buying a static caravan for your own holidays you might want to customise the fabrics and curtains to match your own style and taste or if you are thinking about renting your caravan, it may be appropriate to choose durable fabrics such as leather. And the joy of all this luxury is financially attainable even if you haven’t won the lottery.

Impress your friends with your caravan holiday home

Owning a static caravan allows you to show it off to your friends, who will probably be green with envy when they appreciate that it is bigger than the flat they live in too. In terms of the pitch, you can impress your friends even more by choosing a holiday park that is located near a lake or river so that you can go fishing whenever you like, or close to stables if you like horse riding; or near to a beach. In fact, no matter your leisure interest you will be able to find a holiday park that either provides it or is close to it.

If you are an owner with a static caravan to rent, check out www.rentmy if you want to maximise your rental income potential. If you are still wondering about investing in a holiday home you can also find innumerable caravans for rent on our site. We suggest that you stay at a few parks to experience them before deciding where to pitch your own caravan when you get it.