Static Caravan owners in Cornwall we need your help!

This is an incredibly distressing story and we feel it’s possible that our caravan owners in Cornwall or holidaymakers who have rented their holiday homes, may be able to help in finding a beautiful Chow called Lexi. She disappeared a year ago on Monday 12th May 2014 when her owners rented “Old Cottage” in Crackington Haven, near Bude, Cornwall for a holiday between the 9th and 16th May.

The weather hadn’t been great but it brightened up on the 12th so they decided to go out for the day. Lexi was in the garden of the cottage when they went inside to get her harness and lead.  In no more than a minute when they went back to get her, Lexi had disappeared.

Stolen or Lost?
They didn’t know whether she had escaped from the garden or she had been stolen but as time has progressed it seems more likely that someone has her.  Despite the help and support of which has many volunteers in Cornwall and Stolen & Stray Pet Recovery there has been no positive information with regard to her whereabouts.


Do you remember seeing anyone with a Chow?
If you were in Cornwall during this period can you cast your mind back and remember if you saw anyone with a Chow? If you are in the area at the moment, could you keep an eye out?

As you might imagine her owners are distraught having no idea where they might find her and no closure as to what has happened to her.  Owners who have lost pets will appreciate that not knowing is the worst kind of torment.

Have you seen anyone with a red coloured Chow recently?
Lexi is now a 6 year old female, adult Chow and she is not familiar with the area. She is a rich red colour with some black hairs running through her coat and some white on her chest. She also has the distinctive black/blue tongue and is microchipped and spayed.

Vets in the area have been notified as have the local police but so far no one has come forward. A word to anyone who might be keeping her, with the possible object of breeding her, she is spayed. Please take her to a vet, the police, the RSPCA or call 01490 460369 or 07870 665 724 quoting reference ID 165. You can also contact us at Rent My Caravan

£2,000 reward offered
A substantial reward is being offered for information leading to her safe return in the sum of £2,000. She has two Facebook pages on which communications can be left as follows:


Help find Lexi

Chow missing in Cornwall

So, caravan owners in Cornwall can you solve this mystery and bring about a happy ending?  We hope so.