Static Caravan Holidays

UK static caravan holidays
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There are few things as British as Static Caravan holidays and with so much gorgeous coastline and countryside, you can see why so many people take their holidays in the UK. Statics are particularly good because there is a little more room inside but you still have the same holiday vibe.

Renting a privately owned caravan is a brilliant option because you know that the caravan will be well cared for and that the interior will be homely rather than have that sterile hotel feel. Renting privately can also mean that you can find caravans suited to your particular needs. For example, private owners are much more likely to allow pets and may be located in a prime position.



How to Find the Right Location

Finding the best location for your caravan holiday is the most important part of your holiday search. Using Rent My Caravan makes this much easier by allowing you to choose the general area you would like to stay in and then presenting a wide variety of campsites to choose from.

Which area would you like to stay in?

On Rent My Caravan, you can choose from a drop-down menu to refine your search and figure out where exactly you want to go. In fact, you might even spot places you hadn’t thought of before! Each area offers plenty of gorgeous countryside and things to do but you might like to factor in things like how long it will take to get there and what you would like to do on holiday when you pick.

Some favourite areas include Yorkshire and the Humber where you can find all sorts of landmarks featured in the Harry Potter films such as the Ribblehead Viaduct and Goathland Station; North Wales where you can take a long around Snowdonia National Park; and the East of England where you can visit the seal sanctuary near Skegness or go for walks along the coast.

What do you require on the campsite?

All campsites offer slightly different things and local amenities are important too. Some campsites might have an onsite hotel, for example, where others might be truly in the middle of the countryside with nothing else around. This might suit some people but for others, it might be a bit more problematic.

An excellent tip is to view the location of the campsite on Google Maps and see what is around. You can also have a look on Trip Advisor to see how well local pubs and cafes are doing and whether you will like them – do remember that reviews like this are often polarised though, so take everything you read with a pinch of salt!

Advantages of Renting a Privately Owned Caravan

Renting a privately owned caravan has lots of great advantages. For one thing, you can ask the owners about what they do when they are at the caravan and get genuine recommendations for places to go and eat.

Find Something Special

When you go with a chain owned caravan, it is unlikely that you will be able to find something particularly special. In the age of Airbnb, finding something different is quite easy and caravans are no exception. This is why Rent My Caravan has so many different sites, caravan styles and owners to offer.

Within Your Price Range

Privately owned caravans can be found at a wide range of prices and you can often get a great deal for your money. On Rent My Caravan, you can sort by the price, but you can also sort by number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the available dates. This makes it easier to find the right caravan for you.

Easy Bookings

To book your trip, all you need to do is use the contact form at the bottom of the page of each caravan. This is a really easy system that puts you straight in touch with the owner so you can discuss your booking and find out more about the caravan and site.

Do You Have Your Own Static Caravan to Let?

If you have your own static caravan that you love but you want to see other parts of the country, a good option might be to let it out while you aren’t there to fund your trip to another area. This is a nice way to share what you have an offer people a unique experience yourself.

Why Advertise on Rent My Caravan?

Rent My Caravan is a great opportunity to list your caravan. You update your listing as often as you like to keep up to date and take bookings easily, all done via email. Rent My Caravan will get your caravan in front of lots of people interested in caravan holidays in your area and give you a great opportunity to advertise what you have to offer.

How to Make Your Caravan Appealing

The best way to make your caravan look appealing online is to add plenty of photos so that people can see exactly what you have to offer. To take a great photo, turn on the lights to make sure the rooms are as bright as possible, then make sure that everywhere is nice and tidy. If you have any quirky features, make these a highlight in your photo album.

You should also write a description of the caravan including all the highlights and features you love. Include things like whether you have a DVD player, microwave and dishwasher but also make note of little luxuries such as a power shower.

The site your caravan is on is also worth mentioning. Describe any amenities available and include things like where your caravan is set on the site and what sort of site it is – is it busy or quiet? Is it set in the countryside? Are there shops and pubs nearby?

With so many fantastic caravans on offer around the UK, finding one special is all about going on the right site. Rent My Caravan is ideal for holidaymakers and caravan owners alike.