Static Caravan Hire in or near Liverpool

Static Caravan Hire in Liverpool
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If for one second you thought a visit to Liverpool might be something less than inspiring, think again!  Static Caravan hire in Liverpool offers affordable self-catering accommodation and open a gateway to wonderful history, architecture, adventure, shopping and relaxation.  It’s a bustling thriving city with just about every sort of activity you can think of, together with the transport infrastructure to easily whisk you from place to place.

If you love the Beatles, Liverpool is the place to be

Just for starters, did you know there are 20 museums to visit in Liverpool?  There are another 23 theatres and concert venues.  Obviously, Liverpudlians are renowned for their wry opinion of both themselves and the wider world in terms of comedy, and there are quite a few comedy clubs which you can visit.  Of course, a visit during your static caravan holiday in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt around the iconic Beatles Story Exhibition, and maybe a visit to the equally iconic Cavern Club. If the Beatles are your ‘thing’ you can also go and see the house John Lennon was brought up in, and Paul McCartney’s original home too.

Visit the Black Pearl at the Albert Dock

A visit to Albert Dock doesn’t on the face of it sound that exciting, but it’s actually well worth the effort as it is a world heritage site (UNESCO) and a fascinating place to see and learn the history of the docks, and how they have changed over the decades.  Oh, and while we’re on the subject of nautical things, there’s a replica of the Black Pearl which is a free attraction.  Great for the kids!

Of course, no visit would be complete without a shopping trip in the city centre, where you can find all sorts of shops to please everyone, as well as restaurants and pubs to tempt your taste buds to the limit.

Plenty of indoor activities

Even if you’re having a late, UK caravan holiday, don’t be put off by any weather forecasts.  There’s a Christmas market, which runs from the tail end of November, right up to Christmas Eve and indoor activities by the score too.  If your kids like climbing, there’s an indoor climbing wall, where they can test their skills.  Liverpool certainly has something for everyone, catering to every sort of taste.

Static Caravan Hire in Liverpool is particularly popular for long weekend breaks prior to Christmas. Many thousands of people choose to do their Christmas shopping there every year combining the trip with the entertainment and international cuisine this cosmopolitan city has to offer.

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