Top Tips for Renting With Pets on Caravan Holidays

Renting with Pets on caravan holidays
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Renting with pets has become a lot easier on caravan holiday parks in the UK.  Many caravan owners now appreciate that pets are part of the family too!

The most common pet we take on holidays is our dog. The fact that holiday parks have become more pet friendly is a bonus. We no longer have to go through the guilt trip brought on by our dog’s miserable face as we leave them behind. However, renting with pets brings with it certain responsibilities and here is some advice to ensure your pet will always be welcome.


Caravan holiday parks will want to see a letter, pet passport or pet medical history card where a vet has certified that all vaccinations are up to date.  Some may require proof that your dog is not aggressive so check what they need before booking.

Age and size restrictions

There may be restrictions as to the size of your dog, particularly from private caravan owners.  Usually a dog that weighs 9 kilos or less will be acceptable. If your dog is larger, check with the owner before booking.  Normally the reason caravan owners are not too keen on very large dogs is because they have been known to chew kitchen worktops, unit handles and the blinds.  Larger dogs can also bark at a rate of decibels that may draw complaints from other park users.

It is also perceived that large dogs are more aggressive.  This is not necessarily a fact but you might note that most reported dog attacks highlight larger breeds. It may also be a restriction of the park insurance cover that certain breeds of dogs are not permitted.

In most cases of dog aggression the blame can be firmly placed on the dog’s owner in not providing adequate training.  Irresponsibility on the part of the owner has led to a general unfairness being applied to Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Alsatians (German Shepherds), Huskies, Dobermans and many others.

There may also be age restrictions. As lovable as puppies may be they can be destructive so you may find that a caravan owner will not want a teething puppy in the holiday home. A puppy that hasn’t been house trained is a holiday home owner’s nightmare. Stains on carpets or laminate flooring, especially if not cleaned immediately, are difficult to remove. The smell of constant soiling is not pleasant either.  For these reasons it may be that owners will insist a pet being at least a year old and less than 12 years. Elderly dogs can suffer from incontinence so cause the same problems as puppies.  Again, enquire of the park before you reserve a caravan.

Higher deposits for renting with pets

Well behaved dogs are always welcome on holiday parks so when renting with pets make sure you keep your pet under control. Caravan owners take deposits that are refundable provided the holiday home is left in perfect condition.  You may find that a higher deposit will be required if you are renting with pets.  This is usually because more cleaning and damages may ensue.  Naturally if your pet doesn’t cause any problems your deposit will be returned in full.

Search on Rent My Caravan where you will find lots of holiday parks suitable for renting with pets. Dealing direct with caravan owners may also save you money as there are no third party commissions to pay.

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