Renting a holiday caravan in Cumbria

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Cumbria is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK and includes the well-known Lake District. There is nothing in the world quite like the lakes in the Lake District where you can go for cruises or hire a sailing boat, rowing boat or even a power boat. If you haven’t booked an Easter break yet, why not consider renting a holiday caravan in Cumbria.

History, culture, shopping and more….
Cumbria has a wealth of historic sites to explore as well as some of the earliest stone circles in Britain. There are remains of the Roman Empire together with abbeys and priories. Some churches date back many centuries; there is also the more recent industrial history such as water mills and mines.

The town of Kendall is in the South of the Lake District. It has castles, museums and shopping arcades with a superb selection of shops.

There is plenty for children to do in Cumbria with steam trains, open buses, boats and animal attractions. There is also walking, climbing, cycling and horseback riding for all the family to enjoy.

The City of Carlisle is the main shopping, commercial and industrial centre in the north of Cumbria. Carlisle has its own medieval fortress ‘Carlisle Castle’ which has been standing for 900 years. There are churches and museums to visit in Carlisle as well as the Cathedral.

Caravan holiday parks
There are a lot of advantages in renting a holiday caravan. Not only is it much cheaper than renting an apartment or staying in a hotel, but caravan holiday parks have much more to offer. It’s a good idea to decide what sort of things you like to do on a holiday and then choose the park that suits your requirements.

The caravan holiday parks in Cumbria offer an enormous range of facilities and amenities from fun packed adventure to quiet and relaxing activities. Most have shops, restaurants and bars and some focus on sports including tennis, golf and swimming in outdoor or indoor pools. Larger parks have activity clubs for children and evening entertainment for adults.

Renting a holiday caravan in Cumbria varies considerably both in the cost of rent and the size of van dependent on where it is located in the county. However, since caravans can sleep up to 8 people it’s an economic way to take a holiday when you split the cost between everyone.You will find a selection of caravans to rent by using the search facility on the Rent my Caravan website.

Access to Cumbria is good whether you are travelling by car or public transport.