Rental Pricing on Private Caravan Hire North Wales

Private Caravan Hire North Wales
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Owners considering embarking on private caravan hire North Wales for the first time next year might need help with pricing.

Here are some Rent My Caravan tips so that you don’t over or under price your potential holiday home rentals.

What are comparable holiday parks charging?

As well as checking the pricing of holiday rentals on your own park, have a look at other parks in the area.   If a renter can get a cheaper deal through a park, they won’t consider your private caravan. It’s worth noting that most holiday park rentals include entertainment passes and some, linen as part of the package. If you decide to include these things you will still have to ensure that your price is lower.

Chat to other owners on the site

Private caravan hire North Wales is a buzzing, thriving industry.  There are plenty of caravan holiday rental opportunities for everyone, so chat to other owners on your park.  Invariably they won’t mind sharing advice about pricing but remember the caravan owners’ golden rule! Don’t set yourself up in competition with them.  Your reputation and relationships with other owners are invaluable and not worth jeopardising for cheap rentals that undercut their prices.

Don’t be out of pocket

Renting at a loss is futile.  If you have vacant dates in your reservations calendar you might be tempted to offer “specials”.  However, you need to make sure that your costs don’t exceed the rental income.  Discounts are usually applied at the start or end of holiday seasons. This means that the weather is likely to be colder. Your guests will use more gas and electricity, depending on the method of heating in your holiday home.  Calculate those costs as well as cleaning, “wear and tear” and possible damages that might occur during the rental.

If the income isn’t going to cover your costs it’s better not to take lettings in quiet periods.

Be realistic with pricing

If you have just purchased a brand new, luxury static caravan you may think it’s worth at least £450 in April.  It may well be but only if comparable holiday homes in the area are charging that. No prizes for guessing which caravan a renter will choose if the rental price of similar models is £300! Sensible pricing will achieve more reservations!

Seasonal pricing

Private caravan hire North Wales is no different to anywhere else in the UK.  Prices will be higher in “Peak” season than they are in “Mid” or “Low” season.  Potential renters expect to find cheap deals off peak.  Unfortunately heating and lighting costs are significantly higher in Low season so bear that in mind when deciding what you want to charge.

No matter the season, Bank and school holidays are categorised by Caravan Letting Agents and parks as “Peak”.  Private caravan hire North Wales is at a premium during these breaks so you can raise your rental pricing to match.

Nothing is cast in stone!

You might have decided that your summer rentals will be £700 per week but they don’t have to be cast in stone.  Keep an eye on prices of comparable holiday homes during the course of the year. If you see a number of lower offers, you can be flexible and drop if you want to.

Showing prices in advertising

Many private owners advertising on Rent My Caravan show their prices.  Others publish a “From” price or their special discount offers.  Some don’t reveal prices at all.

Visitors to caravan rental portals, who are looking to book a caravan holiday, prefer to see at least a ballpark figure of what the accommodation is going to cost. If you don’t want to reveal all your pricing enter a “From” figure. Then you can negotiate with the potential renters direct when they contact you.

Set a minimum rental price

You should set a minimum price for each season and stick to it. It is pointless offering a deal at £90 for a week when you know it will cost you £135 when utilities etc., are taken into consideration. You might achieve some spectacular reviews but how much are you prepared to sacrifice to get them? If you are not making enough money to contribute to maintenance and other associated costs, what is the point of putting effort into it?

Even if a renter tells you they have been offered a cheaper deal elsewhere, don’t go below the minimum price you have set.  While all buyers many not be liars some are economical with the truth. Don’t match a price in the hope of securing the booking.  Some people are relentless hagglers and if it means you are going to lose money, you don’t need them!

Private caravan hire North Wales

Advertising private caravan hire North Wales on Rent My Caravan is not free. It’s also not expensive. You get a dedicated web page to present your holiday home in the best possible light. There is also a reservations calendar that shows visitors when there are vacant weeks.

You can promote the link to your web page if you wish but it’s not necessary. Rent my Caravan promotes private caravan hire North Wales across all the main social media platforms. If the pictures you upload are of good quality, we’ll even make a slide show video of your holiday home.  Advertising with us gets your caravan in front of thousands of potential renters every month.  You can only benefit from this traffic if you register your caravan. Do it today to boost your 2017 rental income.