5 Top Tips to Get People to Rent a Static Caravan More Than Once

Rent a Static Caravan more than once
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There’s no doubt that you can attract a lot of bookings through Rent my Caravan but repeat business is always a bonus. If holidaymakers are happy with your caravan and its location the chances are that they may return year on year and will almost certainly recommend it to their friends.  It’s also good for you because you get to know the renters and if they have looked after your static caravan well you will always welcome them back. Here are some tips that have proved highly successful to get people to rent a static caravan more than once.



Provide freebies for the kids

If you provide some inexpensive items for children to enjoy immediately they arrive at the caravan you’ll make both the parents and children extremely happy.  Parents need to occupy the kids’ time whilst they are unpacking and settling in so colouring books with a set of felt tips or crayons, games like Connect 4 or Jenga, a few sweets and soft drinks will all be welcome distractions.

Leave a welcome pack with some essentials

You can cover the cost of the welcome pack within the rental fee and it will go unnoticed. However, most holidaymakers are impressed to find coffee, tea, sugar, milk, perhaps some biscuits and if you feel like running to it a bottle of wine. It shows you are concerned about them and pays dividends in recommendations.

Provide electronic games

Electronic games are always a favourite with children and it does give them something to do if the weather prevents them from playing outside.  So an investment in a Nintendo Wii or Xbox will be something the entire family will enjoy.  You don’t have to buy the latest up to date models, and second-hand ones can be purchased quite cheaply on eBay. You might also want to leave a money box with a little label attached “Contribution to Games”. You’d be surprised how generous people can be!

Equip the caravan with towels and bedding

Many caravan owners don’t provide towels or bed linen but if you do, you will gain an edge over your competitors.  It will entail more work in the laundry but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your renters happy.  You can make sure that any loss of towels, bedding and tea towels is covered by the security deposit by outlining this in your terms and conditions.

Refund the security deposit promptly

Having done as much as you can to make your renters happy, finish it off my refunding their security deposit as quickly as you can because you don’t want to tarnish their memory of the great holiday they have enjoyed.  Trust us; if their refund is delayed it will be the only thing they will remember! Naturally, this doesn’t apply if you are withholding their deposit due to damage or loss in which case it’s best they don’t rent your caravan again.

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