Rent a Static Caravan for a Tech Free Holiday

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Technology now plays such an important part in our lives that it’s hard to contemplate how we can live without our smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.  There is no doubt that to some extent all these things are necessary but not to the point where we have to consider having a phone “surgically” removed from our ear; or experience withdrawal symptoms when we haven’t checked our email or messages for at least 20 seconds.  Having just one device beeping at us constantly with new messages coming through can become irritating but having several can cause high levels of stress from which we need to wind down.



If you rent a static caravan for your next holiday you can switch all your devices off and indulge in real life again, as opposed to virtual life.  Your children could actually speak to you face to face without the necessity of sending a text message.  You could pop to the newsagents and buy a newspaper to read, rather than reading it online.

Rest your eyes and your brain
Whilst most holiday parks have Wi-Fi and clearly it is possible to use all of your technology it’s sometimes a good idea to just take a break from it. To give our eyes a rest from screen work, to give  our brain chance to work something out on its own without technology being involved or to look at nature through our eyes rather than on the internet requires that we lock away our technology from time to time.

It is so much easier to switch off from technology when you rent a static caravan because this type of  self-catering accommodation will invariably be located on a holiday park. If you choose a family park buzzing with activities you may have so much to do you won’t even think about your phone. Alternatively if you decide to rent a caravan in a quiet rural location you will have peace and quiet allowing you to relax and listen to the birdsong as opposed the latest ringtone.

Naturally, you may need to keep your phone with you when you go out, just in case there is an emergency, but the idea of a tech free holiday is to reduce your dependency on these devices.  Spending quality time with your family or friends should be high on your list of priorities and you could even run a competition with a prize for the person who resists using devices the longest.

Leaving your laptops or tablets at home would be a fantastic way of avoiding temptation for all the family and investing in games such as scrabble, monopoly or other board games will keep everyone occupied and entertained.

Don’t spoil a proposal with a ringtone
If you are on holiday with your girlfriend a romantic moment can be spoiled by a ringtone, so if you are going to a restaurant or a short walk along the promenade switch the phone off. Particularly switch it off if you are intending on proposing.  The absence of a smartphone ringtone could be the difference between a yes and a no!

If you are creative you might want to practice your sketching or painting and ladies might want to turn their hands to crochet or knitting; or maybe writing poetry or beginning a novel could be something you have always wanted to do. Origami can be quite satisfying for children as well as adults but no matter what it is, you will be surprised how stress free things are when technology is not involved.

Taking a walk instead of driving is another way of reducing stress and of course, improves your health. So even if you don’t usually walk try it, you might like it!

You have so much opportunity to rent a static caravan anywhere in the UK so check out caravans for hire on Rent My Caravan and find a location for your tech free holiday.