Rent a caravan near the sea to go Coasteering

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Coasteering is a popular adventure activity and if you rent a caravan near the sea, with a rocky coastline, you can participate in it. However, you’ll need to be a good swimmer and have no fear of heights. This sport combines clambering over rocks, walking and rock climbing with diving and swimming. If you are nervous about any of these activities it won’t be for you but if not, the chances are you will find it exhilarating.

Equipment for coasteering
You’ll need a wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aids and suitable footwear as you will be travelling along your chosen coastline, by diving from sometimes high rock faces, swimming part of the distance, walking and climbing rocks along the way; and diving from them all over again until you reach the end destination.

The activity is more like an assault course in terms of physical agility and no surf boards, boats or other water craft are allowed. Ropes to assist with rock climbing are also not permitted but since the climbing part of the activity usually occurs where there is deep sea water below, if you fall you will plunge into it. Where appropriate, safety monitors are used.

There’s not as much diving as you might think
Jumping off high rocks and diving into the sea is often considered to be the most thrilling aspect of coasteering but in reality not much of this happens. A lot of the time is spent in the water where by necessity waves, underwater caverns, gullies and rocks are explored. You have to be very fit to complete the session because it does require a lot of energy.

History of the sport
Although the sport dates back to 1973 it didn’t become a commercial activity until around the mid-1990s when a guided session was organised along the cliff coastline of South West Wales at Pembrokeshire. From the early days the sport positively took off in a big way to the extent that many commercial travel and recreation businesses had started offering the activity by 1997.

By the year 2000 the sport was being practised along several different rocky coastlines including in the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall, Anglesey, some Isles of Scotland as well as Pembrokeshire.

In 2009 Dorset was added to the list of suitable coastlines and it became a hugely successful commercial activity with some 10,000 enthusiasts each year paying for the thrill of guided coasteering.

The NCC (National Coasteering Charter) is now the recognised advisory body for the sport.

So if you are looking for risk, thrills and adventure rent a caravan near the sea on one of these rocky coastlines.