Protect Your Static Caravan From Storm Damage

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There is a hardly a year that goes by without the Met Office warning us about impending gales and issuing warnings about expected severe weather. Such is our lot in the UK where the weather is at best unpredictable and at worst monsoon-like. This blog gives a few tips on how to protect your static caravan from storm damage.

Naturally many precautions you take against storm damage are common sense measures but if you have a static caravan for rent, you need to ensure that holidaymakers are aware of their responsibilities too. You should include these instructions in your welcome leaflet to guests:

  • When there are gale force winds skylights should be kept shut. This applies when they are in the caravan and also when they are away from it.
  • To prevent storm damaged caused by rattling, all doors and windows should be shut securely.
  • Garden furniture for guest use if applicable, should be placed in the shed or another place that you normally store it during stormy weather

If you are not renting your caravan out during the winter you will ensure that all points above are checked but in addition, you should make sure that:

  • The aerial bracket is secure or you may wish to remove it entirely to.
  • Downpipes and gutters are not loose
  • Sheds or storage boxes are secure
  • Decking, skirting, verandas, fencing can sustain the impact of a storm
  • Gas bottles are secure

Anything that is loose should be placed in the caravan or in your storage facility to prevent damage not only to your static caravan but also those close to it. Debris blowing in the wind can cause considerable damage to the outside panels of caravans so make sure that damage to your neighbours’ caravans is not your fault!

You might want to check the proximity of trees to your caravan too and if you are worried that a bad storm could bring a tree down on your holiday home you should mention it to the holiday park staff and also put it in writing.

Read the small print in your insurance policy so that you know exactly what it covers. Some insurers have interesting clauses about storm damage so make sure you know how they affect you.

It’s possible that the park operators will have maintenance staff to keep an eye on your caravan during the winter period. It’s worth checking this out.

If you have a static caravan for rent all year round make sure that your guests have a contact number for you just in case the worst happens.