Private Owners Make the Most of Caravan Rental UK

Static Caravan Rental UK
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There are at least 3,000 caravan holiday parks in Britain according to the NCC. Caravan rental UK is thriving as more people favour stay-cations above holidays abroad.

Many static caravan owners advertise their holiday homes to let during periods when they don’t need them for personal use.  This helps to pay for site fees and maintenance costs.

Rent My Caravan is one of the leading caravan advertising portals in the UK where you can find caravans for hire from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. However, some caravans on the portal get more bookings than others and here are some of the reasons why:


Caravan rental UK web page

When owners register their holiday homes on Rent My Caravan they are allocated their own web page.  The information contained on that page and the amount of photos will define how successful it becomes in terms of bookings.

Photos – potential renters like to see what they are getting for their money in terms of accommodation. So if you only upload one photo, the chances are you will be asked for more.  Since you are able to upload numerous photos to the page it will save a lot of effort if you do so.  There is also a real risk that the visitor to your page will move on to the next search result if there is only one photo.

The quality of photos is equally important as the quantity.  If they are over exposed to light, blurred images and generally poor quality it doesn’t give the visitor a very good impression.  They will want to see clearly the lounge, dining area, kitchen, bath/shower room and bedrooms.  They’ll also want to view images of the exterior.

Free Video

If you visit the Rent My Caravan YouTube Channel you will see videos of some of the caravans that are advertised on the portal. We make videos of the holiday homes when there are 6 or more photos uploaded to the owner’s page. They have to be good quality images and preferably horizontal rather than vertical.  Our video service is free of charge and those caravans that have a video get more bookings. This is because not only is the web page promoted and marketed but also the video.

Potential renters often go to YouTube to search caravan rental UK.   If you don’t upload sufficient images, we can’t make a video and that means you lose out on the extra publicity.

Social Media Channels

Rent My Caravan has a busy Facebook presence as well as Google+, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. We publish regularly featuring the caravans on the portal.  This includes individual private owners’ web pages and videos.  The caravans that have lots of photos and a video will achieve more interest than those that don’t.

Caravan rental UK information

The internet has achieved many things and as technology has progressed, consumers’ expectations have increased. They want as much information as they need to make a decision to buy or book.  They don’t want to have to ask a lot of questions. If they find information lacking on a page they are more likely to move on to the next.

There is a simple tick box form on a Rent My Caravan web page that you can complete which includes all the basic information required.  However, consider what extra information you would need if you were renting a caravan above and beyond the number of bedrooms, heating/air conditioning etc.  Here are some of the questions potential guests might ask:
Is the bed linen provided?

Is there private parking and if so for how many cars?

Are pets allowed?

Is there a problem with same-sex couples?

Disabled access or adapted?

Are passes to park facilities and activities included in the rental price?

Is there WiFi onsite and is it free?

You might also want to include information about how close the holiday park is to the nearest beach.  And details about local attractions are always helpful.

Keep an eye on our blog for more advice about how to advertise caravan rental UK effectively. If you have not already registered your holiday home on Rent My Caravan think about it seriously. With thousands of visitors to the portal every month your reservations calendar may fill up more quickly than other forms of advertising achieve.

Click on advertise to upload your caravan and follow the instructions. If you have any problems contact us and our admin staff will be happy to do it for you.