Private Caravans for Hire Near Britain’s Forests

private caravans for hire near UK forests
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Forests are magical places, where history has evolved and where some of the many trees are up to a thousand years old. A walk taken in woodland is a special event where you can enjoy the tranquillity created by an enormous canopy of leaves, identify plants, spot birds, forage for berries and jump into streams. Dogs will chase squirrels and children can climb trees and make dens.

As you take a walk through a forest, make sure you pause every so often, stay very still and quiet. If you are lucky you may encounter some of the magnificent creatures who call the woods their home. You may possibly spy wildcats, pine martens, badgers, foxes, red squirrels, sika, fallow and roe deer; or hear red kites, owls and woodpeckers amongst the trees.


Your own space in private caravans for hire

Here are our suggestions for some of the fantastic forests to visit in various locations. If you want to explore any of these forests, private caravans for hire provide affordable accommodation and you will have your “own space” for the duration of your holiday. It’s also an ideal way to save money for families or groups of friends on a tight budget.

Galloway Forest Park, Southern Ayrshire, Scotland

7 out of the 10 largest forests are located in Scotland. The Galloway Forest Park has everything for an amazing family day out where you can meet wild goats and red deer. There are 2 scenic forest driving routes or take a picnic beside a marvellous loch. This area is also one of the best places to stargaze in Europe at Scotland’s first Dark Sky Park.
On the Rent My Caravan portal you will find a number of private caravans for hire in static caravan holiday parks not only in Southern Ayrshire, but also throughout Scotland.

Hamsterley Forest, Durham Dales

Specially orientated for family fun, this peaceful forest is the perfect place for a relaxing bike ride. Many square miles of forest cover this area in the Durham Dales with amazing scenic views. You are able to hire a mountain bike or take a welcoming cup of coffee in the tea room, while the children play on the forest play-park.

Look for private caravan rentals in and around the Durham Dales on Rent My Caravan here.

Forest of Dean, Sculpture Trail, Gloucestershire

When you go down to the woods, how about taking in some culture on your visit to these quirky creations placed amongst the forest greenery? View the giant chair made out of tree trunks, a deer created from wire and steel rods or a stone carved pine cone and acorn cup. In addition, there are more than 20 other installations in this unique forest setting. As well as these masterpieces you may spot a wild boar in the bushes or a deer feeding among the trees.

Gloucester has numerous holiday and leisure parks near a Forest, where you can rent a caravan.

Woodland Park, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Get away from the business of daily life in the beautiful setting of this Woodland Park, where you can hire a bike, go freshwater fishing at the lake, walk the Norfolk Broads, go for a run or keep a lookout for the miniature deer.

Remember to begin your caravan search and compare several rental options in your location, as each can have different facilities and price ranges; the cheapest is not always the best choice. However, the majority of private caravans for hire are more cost-effective when you book directly with the owners; rather than through large holiday park operators. In most cases, you are still able to access all the park activities and facilities.