Preparing Your Holiday Home for Caravan Lettings

Caravan lettings
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Spring is here and you’ll be looking forward to plenty of caravan lettings this year.  Here are some tips to prepare for them.

If your static caravan has been closed throughout the winter you’ll need to check the interior and exterior for damage or leaks.

Water, Electricity and Gas

Many Caravan Owners use the maintenance team on their holiday park to drain up or down for them.  If this is the case, all you have to do is turn on the water supply back on. However, before you do, ensure that all taps, showers etc., are off.  When you have turned the stopcock on, check that all taps are working and that washers don’t need attention.

If your holiday park turns electricity on from a mains box, make sure they have done it. There’s nothing worse than replacing bulbs and fuses only to find that the power supply is not on! Check that all sockets, switches and domestic appliances are fully functional.

Having turned the gas on, re-ignite your central heating boiler (if applicable) and/or your water heater.  If you don’t have hot water, you may need a plumber. Check all gas appliances to ensure they are working.


It’s very important that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Check that they are.

Ensure fire extinguishers are up to date.


Even though no one has used your static caravan over the winter, cleaning is still a major task. When you open it up again for caravan lettings you’ll probably notice a musty smell. Condensation may have built up during the cold months so you’ll need to give everything a good airing. Leave the windows and doors open while you are cleaning.

Condensation can cause mould so look out for it around window frames, corners of rooms and in cupboards. If you spot any you will need to get rid of it because it’s a fungus that will continue to grow.  There are some excellent mould removers on the market which you can buy online or from a good hardware/DIY store.

You might find mildew on curtains, soft furnishings and occasionally on the carpets near to walls. This can be brushed or hoovered off.

In the kitchen

Hopefully you left the fridge door open when you closed up.  If not you will find mould on an unimaginable scale inside it. Either way, ordinary washing up liquid and warm water will clean it. You’ll just need more ‘elbow grease’ and time if the fridge door wasn’t left open. It’s a good idea to pull the fridge out, if possible, to clean the floor and wipe around the back.

If you didn’t clean the oven before you closed up, do it now.

Clean the kitchen cupboard interiors and exteriors, and keep an eye out for mould.  Worktops will also need to be wiped down.

If you have a dishwasher, put all the pots, pans, crockery and cutlery through a quick wash cycle.  If not, wash them by hand.

Whether you have an electric or gas kettle descale it.  The cheapest way to do this is with white vinegar or a fresh lemon.  Leave the vinegar in the kettle whilst you are cleaning. Or chop the lemon in half and rub it all over the kettle.  Both methods will descale while you are doing other things.

In the bathroom

Clean your shower and bath in the usual way and check that the shower head is not clogged. Descale it if necessary.

Wipe down any cupboards and shelves, checking for mould.

Flush the loo and clean it remembering the seat.

In the bedrooms

Inspect the mattresses for any signs of damp or mould and clean as applicable. Ensure that the headboards and frames are in good condition.

Wipe down cupboards inside and out.

If the duvets and bed linen have been packed away, make sure they are clean. If they smell of damp run them through the washing machine on quick wash.

The high standard and cleanliness of bed linen, if you include it in your caravan lettings, cannot be over stated. Sub standard duvets, sheets and pillowcases will invite complaints.

In the living space

If you have fixed furniture, remove the seating and wipe down.

Clean the cupboards checking for mould on the interiors.

If there is a sofa bed, ensure it is working properly.


Clean all the windows, checking the frames and sills for mildew.

Remove the curtains and run them through a quick wash or wipe down the blinds.

Hoovering the carpets will remove surface dirt but steam cleaning will do a much better job. If you don’t have a steam cleaner you may find you can hire one locally. Or the holiday park may have one.


With caravan lettings appearance is equally as important as cleanliness. During the winter months, having been exposed to the elements, the outside of a caravan can get very dirty.

Hiring someone to jet wash your holiday home is a good option. Or the holiday park maintenance team may provide this service.

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a ladder and an extendable, preferably water fed, brush!


If your holiday home has been damaged contact your insurance provider as quickly as possible. Don’t even consider fixing anything before you have contacted them.  Chances are they will send out a surveyor who will assess the damage and give you advice as to what you should do next.

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