How to Maximise Caravan Rental Opportunities

How to maximise your caravan rental opportunities

At Rent My Caravan we promote our registered owners’ caravans not only via the website but also on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to maximise their caravan rental opportunities. We are always open to suggestions as to how we can improve our service and we’d like to share some caravan rental feedback with you this month in the form of constructive criticism we have received from renters.

Slow Response Time on caravan rental queries

The single, most common complaint we get is that owners are slow to respond to queries.  Potential renters may love a caravan for hire and its location but if you don’t get back to them within 24 hours of their query it’s likely they will book elsewhere.

We understand that caravan rental is not necessarily the only activity our owners have. They are usually working people with full-time jobs and careers. However, if you want to maximise on caravan rental opportunities, it only takes a few minutes to deal with an email on your iPhone, laptop or tablet.

If you have your email set up to send an automatic response along the lines of “Thanks for your enquiry, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible” that’s great, but ensure you do.

One way of not receiving a huge amount of queries is by putting as much information as possible on your Rent My Caravan web page.  The more comprehensive your description, the fewer questions there will be! You should also include information about the holiday park where your caravan is located such as whether there are children’s clubs, facilities and activities that a renter will be able to enjoy whilst on holiday.

Booking Calendar

Keep your booking calendar up to date.  This will stop people asking if your caravan is available on certain dates when it isn’t.  If you do get queries like this, even when the calendar clearly states the caravan is booked, offer alternative dates.

Guests that have already booked feel more confident in your service when they see their dates are not available on your calendar.

Guest Book

Keep a Guest Book in your caravan and encourage renters to write something about their experience in it. When new guests arrive it gives them something to read about the previous occupants, and perhaps some recommendations or advice entered by other guests.  Many people look up reviews online before they rent a caravan but a guest book will usually lead to personal recommendations. It’s a way of building your reputation as a great owner who provides excellent accommodation with everything needed to have a fantastic holiday experience.

Keep an eye on the Rent My Caravan news for more tips on how to maximise your caravan rental opportunities.

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