What Would You Like to Find if You Rented a Holiday Caravan?

Renting a holiday caravan
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We have been doing some research this month among our various social media followers and some of the owners of caravans on the Rent My Caravan website, asking them what they would like to be provided with when renting a holiday caravan. This is what they said:

I rented a holiday caravan on Seldon’s Golden Gate Holiday Park, North Wales last year and was really impressed that it had central heating in all the rooms. I didn’t have to take bedding because bed linen and duvets were provided, there were some great DVDs, games for the kids and adults to play, some interesting books and an MP3 player with a good selection of music.  Our kids are older so we didn’t need the high chair or travel cot but it’s great that they were there because holidaymakers with younger children would have needed them.  There was a good selection of outdoor furniture so we were able to eat outside when we wanted to.  I’ll be booking another caravan elsewhere in the UK next year and will be looking for all these things which made our last holiday so enjoyable.
Sue Parks, Bridlington

We rented a holiday caravan in Blackpool a couple of years ago and it was quite late when we got there since we live in London. After a long journey, we were worn out and it was a nice surprise to find a welcome pack in the caravan with a loaf of bread, tub of Flora, sugar, coffee, tea, milk, a dozen eggs and a pot of jam.  We hadn’t done a shop before we arrived and it was enough to see us through till the morning.  I will be asking the next time I rent a caravan whether or not they provide a welcome pack because it really is a godsend when you are exhausted on arrival.
Barry Sanders, London

I own a couple of caravans for rent in Great  Yarmouth and having spent many of my own holidays in static caravans, I know what I would expect to provide the same for my guests.  The kitchen might not be used very often because people tend to regularly eat out but if you do want to cook a proper meal it’s really annoying if the kitchen isn’t well equipped.  The kitchens in my caravans have everything anyone could need to cook a 3-course meal.  There are not that many people who drink from teacups anymore so mugs are must and little things matter too that we don’t give a second thought to when we are home, like tin openers, a corkscrew and a vegetable peeler.

A TV keeps kids entertained at times when they are in the caravan and it’s always a good idea to pick up some free leaflets from the tourist office so that guests know where they can go in the local area to have fun.
Robin Brown, Huntington

I am a great believer in all things practical for people who rent my holiday caravan in North Wales, so my caravan for rent has all the usual things like a fully equipped kitchen but it’s also got a dishwasher. Who wants to wash dishes by hand when they are on holiday?  I also make sure there are a few dishwashing tablets so that they have something to use before they go and do their shopping.  Also provided is:

  •  A vacuum cleaner
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Bread Knife (not all people eat sliced bread and there is a very nice baker near the holiday park)
  • Roasting Pans
  • Flat screen TV
  • DVD Player
  • XBox

The fridge also has an ice maker and I provide all bed linen. The caravan is rented out for most of the year, every year and from my guestbook, it appears that holidaymakers like what I have provided.
Brenda Heywood, Bristol

We were delighted to be handed a £20 Tesco voucher with the keys when we arrived at a holiday caravan we rented at Sirior Bach, North Wales.  We will be going back to spend another holiday there next year in the same caravan. It’s a nice touch from the owner and we really appreciated the thought.
Helen Wood, Birmingham

We will be putting up some more comments during the month and if you have any suggestions about what you would like to find in a holiday caravan.

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