Last Minute Caravan Holidays or Book in Advance?

Last minute caravan holidays, book caravan holiday in advance
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A few years back people often booked last minute caravan holidays, waiting for cancellations in the hope of getting a cheaper deal.

But is waiting until the last minute a good idea now? The short answer is “no”. There are now extremely compelling reason to book well in advance. Here are some of them.

Last minute is not always cheaper

Many static caravan owners rent out their holiday homes to assist with maintenance and running costs.  If a free weekend or week becomes available they often take the opportunity to use the caravan themselves.  It gives them a chance of a few days break. Free time can also be spent checking that the caravan is in good order. This particularly applies if they live some distance away. It may be that a family member might want to take an impromptu break too. So if you want to book at the very last minute, the price may not be discounted because the owner has no need to cut the price.

Holiday Park authorised Letting Agents

Some holiday parks have authorised letting agents who spend incredible amounts of money advertising their services to potential holidaymakers. If a private owner has a free space the letting agents will often have a guest to fill it.

In addition Holiday Park operators may also take any availability that an owner can’t fill.

Internet advertising

Private owners usually have their holiday homes advertised on caravan rental portals such as Rent My Caravan. Sometimes they register them on more than one site. It is rare that these owners have free space in the whole calendar year. The internet now is a primary source of guests for caravan owners especially when social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are taken into consideration.

Paperwork and Preparation

Private owners where you are likely to get the cheaper deals wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take a short notice booking.  This is because they would have to get the paperwork to you which needs to be signed and returned. Payment arrangements have to be made and it’s possible that cleaners will be required to get the holiday home ready for you.  Although it isn’t impossible that these things can be done at short notice, it’s highly unlikely.

Peak season and school holidays

Last minute caravan holidays are virtually impossible to find during peak periods and when the kids are off school.

Benefits of booking in advance

Naturally the main benefit of booking in advance rather than trying to find last minute caravan holidays, is that you will not be disappointed. However there are other benefits.

You will have to pay a deposit but if you book months in advance, caravan owners will usually allow you to spread the payment for the remainder. This means you don’t have to find the money all in one go.

You can also guarantee that you will have a holiday if required in peak periods when the kids are off school.

Check out the holidays homes on Rent My Caravan where you will always be able to book direct with owners.