Installing Decking Around a Static Caravan

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Decking around a Static CaravanIt’s quite common for owners to place decking around a static caravan for practical use. This can be for better access, to provide a level seating area so that holidaymakers can dine al fresco, for easier access or purely for aesthetic reasons.

Before deciding on the type of decking around a static caravan read through your agreement with the caravan holiday park and the terms and conditions of your pitch licence. Often you will need permission in writing from the park owner and there may be restrictions on the type of decking and skirting they will allow. It may be that all decking has to be the same or in keeping with the general style of the park.

Material of decking
Decking made from wood not only costs less but blends in naturally with a woodland or rural setting. However, it does require more maintenance and has a higher fire risk than its metal counterpart. Metal decking and skirting is manufactured in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes and some even look like wood. Metal decking is more expensive than wood but when you compare the cost of maintenance and the elimination of fire risk it’s worth spending that little bit extra if you can afford to.

Plans for decking
It’s highly likely that the park owners will want to see a plan for your proposed decking and skirting. Even if they don’t want to see one, it’s best to supply them with a plan and get them to sign it and provide you with written permission to install the decking. This alleviates any form of dispute.

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Decking
Whilst all static caravan owners will want to maintain excellent relations with the holiday park operator, some parks may attempt to control which manufacturers or suppliers are permitted to install the decking. They may even insist on specific products. The Office of Fair Trading considers this practice unfair and restrictive as outlined in OFT734 (Guidance on Unfair Terms in Holiday Caravan Agreements) –
“Tying in 5.7. Caravan owners have expressed concerns about arbitrary controls over services and supplies or misrepresentations about the need for them to make changes to accessories already installed. While park owners may wish to protect the park from unsightly or unsafe additions to the caravans or the pitch, such as storage facilities, we consider that they should not seek to be the sole suppliers of acceptable accessories. We object to terms that, without good reason, bind the caravan owners to purchase goods from the park owner.”

If you can sort this out at the time you enter into the agreement for your pitch on the park it is always best to do so, even if you don’t intend to install decking immediately.

The holiday caravan park operators might also ask that you let them know when your contractors are fitting the decking and skirting and this is not unreasonable since perceived strangers on site might be viewed as a security risk.

There is no doubt that staff at the park will know local decking suppliers and installers but have a word with other static caravan owners, who may be able to recommend a contractor so that you can get at least a couple of quotes to compare prices. Obviously, you can search on the internet too but it’s great if you can get a contractor who has been recommended by a happy customer on your own park.

Making your static caravan for rent more attractive
You may be tempted to save money by installing decking around a Static Caravan yourself, but unless you have experience, we recommend you use a professional. Ventilation is an integral part of decking installation and if you aren’t aware of the intricacies of it – call a professional! Experienced contractors will do an excellent job both in installation and finishing, making your static caravan for rent much more attractive to potential holidaymakers.

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