How to Convert Static Caravan Enquiries into Firm Bookings

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Are you getting a lot of enquiries about your holiday home but not many bookings? Unless your job entails sales or marketing you could maybe benefit from some help in handling those enquiries so here are some useful tips:

Information and photos: if you are registered with Rent My Caravan you are allocated a web page with booking calendar. Upload good photos of your static caravan and as much information as possible; think about all the questions you would ask if you were booking a caravan for your holiday. The more information you provide, the fewer questions you will be asked. It saves you time and the boredom of having to repeat the same answers over and over again when static caravan enquiries come in.

Keep your bookings calendar up to date: there is nothing more disappointing when someone has studied the details of a caravan, decided it’s ideal for their holiday requirements but when they enquire they find it is already booked. If your calendar is up to day this avoids them wasting their time, and just as importantly wasting yours.

Check for enquiries regularly: if you want to stay ahead of your competitors (and there are many) check your mail frequently. If someone is in the mood to book their holiday they want to do it as quickly as possible. If they haven’t received a reply from you within a couple of hours the chances are they will have booked a comparable caravan with someone else who responded faster to their static caravan enquiries.

Get to know potential guests: guests will ask questions but as a caravan owner, you should too. Ask them if there is a specific reason they have chosen the location of your caravan for their holiday, how many people will be renting the caravan and if there are children and how old they are. People like you to be interested in them and it also gives you an opportunity to gauge how well they might look after your caravan!  If there are any activities or facilities in the area that you think your guests will enjoy, mention them. It costs nothing and they will be grateful for the information.

Caravan booked – if you don’t have dates free that potential renters want suggest some others that you have free. It may not work because often people have fixed dates for their time off from work but it is worth a try.  Or if you know someone with a caravan on your holiday park, perhaps you could suggest they try contacting them.  Networking with other owners is always beneficial because if they get any static caravan enquiries when they are booked, they’ll point the guests in your direction.

Be yourself: Be friendly, professional and above all yourself. When holidaymakers want to book a caravan they like to know a little about who they are renting from especially since they will be paying you a deposit before they see the accommodation. Trust can be built with a simple conversation.

Send a receipt and confirmation: as soon as a guest has paid a deposit make sure you send a receipt and confirmation of booking as soon as possible. If you don’t, they may worry about scams and in panic cancel their reservation with you.

At Rent My Caravan we make it very easy for you to keep track of your static caravan enquiries and bookings but if you have any suggestions as to how we might improve our service, we are always happy to listen.