Home Remedies to Take on a Static Caravan Holiday

Home Remedies on a Static Caravan Holiday
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Isn’t it always the way when you go on holiday that if you lose a filling in one of your teeth or something happens whereby you need a chemist or doctor; it’s always likely to be on a Sunday when nothing is open or you have to travel a long way to be treated? Here are some great Home Remedies to take on a Static Caravan Holiday to tide you over until you can get treatment if necessary or to cure the problem entirely:

Temporary tooth filling

Before you set off on your static caravan holiday buy some zinc oxide powder from your local chemist or on the internet. It’s usually sold in containers of 250g and this could actually last you a whole lifetime but you may be able to buy it from a chemist in smaller quantities. The powder is not expensive even in large quantities (around £5-7 for 250g). You’ll also need a bottle of pure clove oil.

The eugenol in clove oil acts as an antiseptic and anaesthetic so if you have toothache it will remove the discomfort immediately if you rub the oil on the gum.  However, if you’ve lost a filling take a teaspoon of zinc oxide powder and mix with a few drops of clove oil to make a stiff paste.  Clean out the cavity as best you can, drop a little clove oil into the cavity and then roll the paste into a small ball. Place in the cavity and press down. It’s best to do this overnight because while you are sleeping the paste will harden and set.  This temporary filling will last until you can get to a dentist and certainly for your entire holiday. There are people who make their own fillings in this way which last for up to two years but it’s better to see a dentist because there may be a reason for underlying infections.

Minor Burns

Bicarbonate of soda, mixed into a paste with cold water, is one of the best ways to cool a burn down.  Run the burn under cold water, gently dry the area and then spread the paste over it.

If you don’t have bicarbonate of soda, toothpaste will have the same soothing effect preferably the white mint variety. Spread liberally over the burn or on a gauze pad and press gently down to cover the burn.

Cold tea bags used as a poultice will also cool the burn and aid healing.

Miscellaneous ailments

Upset tummy – some people, including this writer, swear by flat coca cola for taking the pain away from an upset stomach.  Some doctors agree that flat coke is great and others don’t but all agree that it’s not a cure. The symptoms are usually relieved by drinking it but not the cause. If you are concerned about the cause, see a doctor.

Gnat or mosquito bites – a static caravan holiday wouldn’t be complete without a barbecue and sitting outside in the evening to enjoy it. However, the chances are someone will be stung by a gnat or mosquito and be driven mad by the itching.  As soon as you notice the bite heat up a teaspoon under the hot tap (or use the one you are stirring your coffee with) and press it down on the sting. It will provide instant relief by killing the protein the pesky insect injects as a blood thinning agent, and that causes the itching.  This should cure the itching problem permanently.

Mint flavoured toothpaste will also relieve the itching but has to be regularly repeated.

Sore throat – even if you don’t like honey, swallowing a spoonful of honey will provide instant relief for a sore throat and last for a few hours. If taken just before you go to bed, you may find it’s completely cured.

Minor sprains and muscle pain – if you are enjoying a lively and adventurous caravan holiday it’s possible that you might sprain a wrist or ankle if you are not used to a lot of physical activity. Going on long walks, horse riding and climbing can cause muscle pain. Whether it is a sprain or muscle pain it means there is inflammation and doctors have divided opinions as to treatment. Some favour heat and others recommend cold.  Logically, if something is inflamed already it doesn’t really make sense to heat it up even more, so why not try ice? A bag of frozen vegetables or bag of ice wrapped in a pillow case and applied to the affected area should ease the pain considerably.

These inexpensive home remedies can make a static caravan holiday so much more comfortable for you, your family and friends but let’s hope you don’t need any of them.