Good Reasons to Rent a Caravan in the UK in 2016

Good Reasons to Rent a Caravan in the UK
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There are thousands of families, individuals and friends who choose static caravan rentals in the UK for their holidays every year.

Good reasons to rent a caravan:


Whilst naturally major savings are made on airline tickets there are lots of small costs that can add up when you go abroad including luggage fees, expensive drinks and food in airports and on aeroplanes; and the cost of converting your currency  among other incidental costs. By not having to pay for these things you have more money to spend on yourself and your family when taking a holiday in the UK.

Travelling time

The actual flight time may not be great between, for example, the UK and Spain but what makes it a long journey is often travel to and from the airport and flight delays. In the UK you can choose which holiday park to rent a caravan on, giving you control over the distance it is from your home. This is particularly useful when you have young children who are renowned for repeating over and over again “Are we there yet?” within 15 minutes of setting off. Choosing a family holiday park within 2 hours of your home is probably preferable if your kids are not blessed with a great deal of patience.

Stunning countryside

Great Britain is a stunning country with diverse countryside from the mountains of Scotland and Wales to the White Cliffs of Dover in England, and the forests and waterfalls of Northern Ireland there seems little point in travelling abroad without at least exploring all that the UK has to offer. Visiting the various regions will remind you what the “great” means in Great Britain. As caravan holiday parks have evolved, pride is taken in their presentation and what they have to offer. They are miniature villages providing all you need to have a great time, whether in rural tranquillity or on a family park with every type of facility and activity imaginable.


Tourism is as important to the UK as it is to countries that are overseas. By spending your cash on caravan rentals in the UK, you will contribute to so many local businesses such as when you rent a caravan, buy an ice cream, eat in a restaurant, order a takeaway, hire a kayak or surf board etc.  Every little helps in seasonal resorts.

No Hassle

You don’t need passports, visas or other travel documents if you rent a caravan in the UK and you won’t need to have any vaccinations either.

Let us have your comments on where you think is an ideal place for a holiday whether in the UK.