Flying a Drone on a Static Caravan Holiday

Flying a Drone on a Static Caravan Holiday
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Did you get a drone for Christmas or buy one for your kids? If you did you may already have discovered the difficulty in flying them. A quick look at various social media platforms will reveal the sheer volume of people who have experienced calamities with their drones including losing them, getting them entangled in trees, breaking them and even causing injuries. Here are some things to think about when Flying a Drone on a Static Caravan Holiday.


Flying a drone is not simple irrespective of whether it has a camera attached or is controlled via a smartphone. According to Adam Gibson from Ctrl.Me training is essential if accidents are to be avoided. He recommends at least 20 hours per week training over a fortnight to learn the correct configuration and piloting of the device.

Many calamities are caused by incorrect calibration of the compass but they can also occur over something as simple as paint which can interfere with GPS.

Rules and Regulations

Legislation varies from area to area as to the height drones can be flown at and you should check with the local authority what height restrictions apply. Normally you will not be able to fly them above 400 ft. However, on private caravan hire holidays you will need to ensure that the Holiday Park allows drone flying if you intend to carry it out onsite.

Drone videos

As drones have become more affordable their popularity has increased but learning to use them responsibly takes time. When you have taken the necessary training course, it can be a most rewarding hobby. There are many wonderful drone videos of awe inspiring landscapes to found on Youtube and if you monetize your videos you can earn a few pennies from Google.

Respect the privacy of others

Usually caravan holiday parks are surrounded by coastal or rural scenery so you won’t be short of places to legally fly your drone. However, it isn’t advisable to fly a drone on the park since it doesn’t respect the privacy of caravan owners and renters, not to mention the possibility of accidents occurring with so many people about.

For private caravan hire, check out Rent My Caravan where you can book accommodation direct with owners. There is every possibility that caravan owners will not know the status of drone flying where their caravan is located so you could ask them to find out for you, or get the telephone number of the holiday park so that you can make your own enquires.