Fancy a Poppy Picnic on your Caravan Holiday this Summer?

Caravan Holiday this Summer
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On the 27 June this year it is Armed Forces Day and The Royal British Legion is having a fundraising Poppy Picnic. People who would like to help out and support the event are also having picnics throughout the British Isles.

To become involved all you have to do is visit the Poppy Picnic or British Legion website, register and download a picnic marketing pack which includes stickers, invitations, poppy Bingo cards and posters among other things. All the details are on these sites so you can read all about it. And here is a video which briefly explains what is happening on the 27 June Poppy Picnic for Armed Forces Day


Poppy Picnic any time during your holiday
You don’t have to hold your picnic on Armed Forces Day; you can choose any date during your caravan holiday. Caravan parks are ideal places to find people to invite to the event because holidaymakers love to have a good time with entertainment.   You can visit the caravans personally or ask the Park to place a notice up for you. You can also put a poster in the front caravan window.  You may find that the Park organisers might want to participate.

If you have a Facebook or any other social media account, let your friends know that the picnic is for a good cause and they may visit for a day and join you.

The way it works
You invite people to your picnic having decided a location which could be on the Park, the beach or in the countryside near the Park.  Each guest can bring food with them but each person attending donates £3.00 for The Royal British Legion.

You might want to organise some music, play Bingo with the cards you have downloaded, arrange a tug of war or perhaps an egg and spoon race to keep people entertained. You could give the guests a first soft drink, glass of wine or beer if you want to.

There are few people in the world who do not enjoy getting together for an event like this with plenty of food, drink and fun games to play out in the open air.  It’s made even more worthwhile when you are raising money for a good cause. And of course, it will make your caravan holiday a memorable one, in a good way!

We would love to know how you get on at your Poppy Picnic and we will post your photos on the Rent My Caravan Facebook page if you send them in.  Any funny stories about your Caravan Holiday this Summer are also very welcome!