The Effects of Condensation in a Static Caravan

Condensation in Static Caravans
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You should know that condensation in static caravans can cause problems because black mould will begin to form. There may also be mould of different colours visible on clothes, wood and carpeting. You might notice the mould on the ceilings, walls, seals, corners, window sills, seams and in some cases on floors including outside corners. Mould tends to form in cold areas so check them all.

For anyone who has asthma, the airborne spores will exacerbate the condition and may cause chest problems for those people who are otherwise healthy.

Mould, when it takes a hold, can damage your clothes and other fabrics irreparably so unless it is eradicated it can cause unnecessary additional expense.

How to deal with the effects of mould

Obviously, prevention is better than cure but the earlier you notice the problem the easier it will be to repair it; if left it will cause extensive damage.

The first thing to do is to wipe down all surfaces where damp is visible absorbing excess water from window sills, walls and the corners of rooms.

There is a diverse range of mould treatment products available on the market and many people swear by bleach but by far the best product we have come across is HG Mould Spray which you can buy in hardware stores or on the internet (it tends to be slightly cheaper if you buy online). You spray the product onto the mould and leave it on overnight. In the morning you will be able to just wipe the mould away rather than having to scrub it off.

If some stubborn stains are left behind do the second application, leave overnight and it should be wiped off easily.

Visible black mould does not create the best image for holidaymakers renting your static caravan when they arrive on the first day of their holiday; so check out our blog post “How to alleviate condensation in static caravans for rent” for some tips on how to prevent condensation from turning into mould. is committed to assisting static caravan owners to achieve the best rental income possible from their holiday homes.