How to Alleviate Condensation in a Static Caravan

Condensation in a Static Caravan
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Condensation problems are the bane of a landlord’s life in the UK and the same applies to static caravan owners who are renting their caravans out. Often mistaken for damp, holidaymakers will regularly complain about it to caravan owners whereas there are simple things that can be done to reduce condensation in a static caravan.

The primary cause of condensation is poor ventilation, particularly in the winter since in cold weather all doors and windows are shut for most of the time and the heating is on. Blocking draughts, double glazed windows and insulation in static caravans enhances the heat retention but diminishes ventilation. This causes moisture to develop and it simply can’t escape hence it will attach itself to a colder area such as in cupboards, on windows and in corners.


Instructions you can leave for the guests renting your static caravan

On arrival, they should open some windows at either end of the caravan and leave them open for as long as they are able. This will air the caravan ensuring that air circulates throughout the entire accommodation. The moisture will then clear and any dampness in soft furnishings should dry out.

Weather permitting, leaving one window slightly ajar when they are in the van will keep air flowing. Most static caravan double glazed windows have a latch for night use and of course, there is no reason why the skylight can’t be left slightly open. However, make sure your guests close all windows before they leave.

Modern static caravans usually have extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms as manufacturers appreciate that these are the rooms that generate the most condensation. However, bathrooms and kitchens in static caravans are usually much smaller than those at home hence it’s a great idea to have the extractor fans on as well as keeping a window open for around half an hour after showering or cooking.

More useful tips

  • A dish of salt left on the table or a work surface will absorb moisture
  • Dry clothes outside rather than in but if it’s necessary to use the tumble dryer make sure the vent hose is properly positioned outside
  • Cooking with saucepan lids off will increase moisture significantly so use the lids
  • Make sure that the air vents in the caravan are not blocked in any way. If they are open and clear it ensure an air flow and will also release any harmful fumes from the cooker, fire and water heater.
  • Keep the heating on low for a longer period of time rather than having it on full for short periods of time.

Next time we will cover what happens if condensation in a static caravan gets out of hand.