Combine Pilates with UK Caravan Hire Holidays

UK caravan hire holidays
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Pilates are a relatively new concept focussing on health and fitness holidays that incorporate learning.  Among the things you can learn are cooking, painting, drawing, writing and photography to name just a few. Usually Pilates are organised in groups by specialised travel agents but you can cut out the middleman by opting for UK caravan hire holidays and finding short courses to take alone or with friends and family.

The health and fitness part of Pilates can be carried out on or around caravan holiday parks. Almost without exception they are located in areas of outstanding beauty where a number of activities that can be practised locally to get fit. This could take the form of swimming either in the pool or sea, mountaineering, coast steering, hiking, walking or using a holiday park gym. In family orientated parks there may be yoga and similar lessons to participate in.

Here is one of our favourite short courses to take whilst you are maintaining your fitness on a caravan holiday. We like it because after all the exertion it is rather lovely to relax with a glass of wine or two:

Wine courses in Wales

Mumbles Fine Wines is situated West Glamorgan and UK caravan hire in this area can be booked via Rent My Caravan where you can arrange your accommodation direct with owner.

Mumbles is one of the few fine wine merchants in the UK that has not only a Wine Club but also belongs to the UK government approved W.S.E.T. (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) under whose banner wine courses are conducted.

There are two ways to learn about wines at Mumbles as follows:

Wine Club

Mumbles Wine Club meets on Saturday evenings and you will be tutored by John Roberts, a Wine Consultant and W.S.E.T Approved Tutor, who has worked in the wine industry for almost 40 years. You will learn how to identify wines by taste, smell and through a step by step process how to match different wines with food.

Wine tasting events are usually themed and members will taste up to 8 varied wines in a structured way e.g.

  • White before red
  • Dry white before sweet white
  • Light red before full bodied

You are encouraged to take notes and makes observations about the wines you taste; and of course, to ask questions.

These events take place at least once per month and focus on different regional wines such as Rioja, New Zealand etc.  Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur this is a great way of learning from scratch or improving your skills

For more information about these classes visit the Mumbles Wine Club website.

Master Classes

If you intend to work within the wine industry or gain more extensive knowledge of wines and spirits you can obtain vocational qualifications from Mumbles’ W.S.E.T Master Classes. W.S.E.T qualifications are recognised worldwide.

These courses may not fit into your own organised Pilates holiday since they span 8 weeks but may be useful if you work in the wine industry and can convince your boss to send you on one. UK caravan hire provides economical accommodation not only for holidays but also for staff training courses offsite.

Keep an eye on the Rent My Caravan blog for more suggestions of how you can combine a health and fitness break with learning something useful on UK caravan hire holidays.