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Caravan Hire for a Halloween Holiday – Book Now!

Caravan Hire for a Halloween Holiday

Caravan hire in the UK will be at a premium this year as the October half term holiday falls around the time of Halloween. Halloween is thought to have originated with an ancient pagan festival of Samhain. Many of the Halloween celebrations have originated in America. However, some do have their origins in ancient Celtic history. People would wear costumes to frighten off roaming ghosts, light bonfires and leave drink and food on their doorsteps to scare away evil spirits. Nowadays, people continue to celebrate Halloween with sweet treats, gatherings and fancy dress costumes. As the nights get colder and the days grow shorter, we’ve come up with our top 5 favourite haunted hangouts across the UK, all in locations where you can rent a…

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Static Caravan Hire in Kingston upon Hull

static caravan hire in Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull (or Hull as it is commonly referred to) is a University City situated on the banks of the River Humber.  Visitors will immediately notice the relaxed atmosphere along the waterfront and the balanced mix of culture that makes Hull a great place to visit. There are so many green areas and parks including the East, West and Pickering Parks not to mention the River Humber. Static Caravan Hire in Kingston upon Hull is popular with thousands of holidaymakers and tourist visiting every year. Whether you are looking for a city break or a longer stay to explore the Yorkshire Wolds, caravan hire is the most affordable accommodation, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please.   Things to do…

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Discover Static Caravan Hire in the Yorkshire Dales

Static Caravan Hire in the Yorkshire Dales

Suppose you wanted to go somewhere quiet ‘different’?  Tired of sandy beaches, funfair rides and noisy crowds?  Then static caravan hire in the Yorkshire Dales may be just what you need. Renting a caravan on one of the many holiday parks available provides accommodation that is excellent value for money for everyone. The stunning scenery and enormity of the place is something mere words cannot possibly be used to describe the place adequately, but we’ll have a ‘go’.  Breath-taking, jaw-dropping, exhilarating and memorable are all understatements. We have heard all of these words describing the area, and more.  Also, depending on the time of year you go, it can be totally different from one season to the next. Chill out by a waterfall Aysgarth Falls…

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Static Caravan Hire Holidays in Torbay

Static Caravan Hire Holidays in Torbay

Static Caravan Hire holidays in Torbay is a gateway to endless pleasure, no matter what the weather throws at you!  In reality, you can have five or six holidays all rolled into one, as the proximity of other ‘seaside’ and inland towns are just a stone’s throw from one another. Harbours and seaports Obviously you get the Torquay harbour, promenade and shopping areas but additionally, you are merely a brisk walk to Paignton and its harbour and seafront, which is quite different from Torquay. Just across the bay, you can see Brixham which is a major fishing port for our fishermen, with fresh fish being landed daily, and yet again attractions which are quite different from Torquay or Paignton. You can purchase fresh fish there…

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Static Caravan Hire in Bournemouth with Seven Miles of Golden Sands

Static Caravan Hire in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is becoming internationally renowned for its many events and festivals. Static Caravan Hire in Bournemouth provides cheap accommodation for a late summer, long weekend or mid-week break. Imagine yourself on a tropical isle, where palm trees line the seafront and you may even discover a lizard speeding under a rock. Where is this stunning holiday destination, the tropics? No, it’s cosmopolitan Bournemouth, with its sparkling sea and golden sands. What else is there to do, besides relaxing on the 7 miles of beach? Explore a wide variety of water sports, award-winning, beautiful gardens, endless countryside, a buzzing nightlife and a vast array of restaurants and shops. Here are our recommendations for alternative activities for all the family. Cycle along the promenade Here in Bournemouth,…

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Why More People Choose Static Caravan Holidays

Why more people choose static caravan holidays

Caravan holidays became more popular after 2008 when the last recession set in so part of the reason more people began renting caravans was that they were cheaper than many other alternatives. But that isn’t the entire reason why more people choose static caravan holidays. Naturally, money played a part since we have all had to curb our expenditure in recent years and find ways to economise in the best way we can. The expense of holidays is one area where considerable savings can be made. Renting a caravan provides excellent and often luxurious accommodation at a fraction of the cost of hotels, B&Bs and holiday cottages. There are also no plane tickets to buy. Space and luxury However, much of the appeal also comes…

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10 Great Things to do in Brighton While on a Static Caravan Holiday

10 things to do in Brighton

Brighton is known to be one of the sunniest places to visit in the UK. Holidaymakers have been swarming to its promenades and beaches each summer season for the last two hundred years. However, the sun doesn’t need to be out to find something to keep you busy, there are plenty of events and attractions to visit throughout the year.  Here are 10 Things to do in Brighton while on Holiday, from the latest attractions to the locations that drew the Victorians.     Things to do in Brighton 1. Brighton Music Hall Boasts one of the largest heated beach terraces for those cooler summer evenings. Partake of the live music and festival feel. 2. Brighton’s Big Screen Outdoor cinema during August and September held on the…

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Static Caravan Hire in or near Liverpool

Static Caravan Hire in Liverpool

If for one second you thought a visit to Liverpool might be something less than inspiring, think again!  Static Caravan hire in Liverpool offers affordable self-catering accommodation and open a gateway to wonderful history, architecture, adventure, shopping and relaxation.  It’s a bustling thriving city with just about every sort of activity you can think of, together with the transport infrastructure to easily whisk you from place to place. If you love the Beatles, Liverpool is the place to be Just for starters, did you know there are 20 museums to visit in Liverpool?  There are another 23 theatres and concert venues.  Obviously, Liverpudlians are renowned for their wry opinion of both themselves and the wider world in terms of comedy, and there are quite a…

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Rent a Caravan in Paignton for Regatta Week

Rent a caravan in Paignton

If you want to rent a static caravan in Paignton for Regatta Week (Early August each year),  it’s best to book well in advance since thousands of people converge on the town every year for this event. It’s a fun packed week on the South Devon coast of traditional British seaside games and activities for all the family to enjoy. Some you can participate in and others can be watched.  There are dog shows, motorcycle and bicycle races and stunts and fireworks; you can swim around the pier or build sandcastles on the beach in the “Beat The Tide” Competition.   Children’s Activities For the children, there is a Corner dedicated to dinosaurs and a Funfair with new rides including the 80ft ‘Over The Falls’…

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Home Remedies to Take on a Static Caravan Holiday

Home Remedies on a Static Caravan Holiday

Isn’t it always the way when you go on holiday that if you lose a filling in one of your teeth or something happens whereby you need a chemist or doctor; it’s always likely to be on a Sunday when nothing is open or you have to travel a long way to be treated? Here are some great Home Remedies to take on a Static Caravan Holiday to tide you over until you can get treatment if necessary or to cure the problem entirely: Temporary tooth filling Before you set off on your static caravan holiday buy some zinc oxide powder from your local chemist or on the internet. It’s usually sold in containers of 250g and this could actually last you a whole lifetime…

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Preparing Your Holiday Home for Caravan Lettings

Caravan lettings

Spring is here and you’ll be looking forward to plenty of caravan lettings this year.  Here are some tips to prepare for them. If your static caravan has been closed throughout the winter you’ll need to check the interior and exterior for damage or leaks. Water, Electricity and Gas Many Caravan Owners use the maintenance team on their holiday park to drain up or down for them.  If this is the case, all you have to do is turn on the water supply back on. However, before you do, ensure that all taps, showers etc., are off.  When you have turned the stopcock on, check that all taps are working and that washers don’t need attention. If your holiday park turns electricity on from a…

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Renting a Caravan in the UK

Renting a Caravan in the UK | Rent My Caravan

Can Renting a Caravan Compete with Glamping? For those who don’t yet know what Glamping is, it’s really the same as camping but in a luxurious tent, something I am sure will enhance the camping experience for those who truly love camping.  However, in my view Renting a Caravan in the UK provides a similar experience to Glamping but with even more luxury and comfort. For example, you won’t get a flat screen TV in a tent and for those of us that like to keep up with the news whilst we are away, that is a must for some people. It’s also something to keep the kids occupied in inclement weather. No trudging through the mud Trudging even a short distance in the mud…

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