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So you want to rent a caravan in Hertfordshire

If you decide to rent a caravan in Hertfordshire for your holiday it will soon become evident that there is much to discover. This county, despite being on the fringe of London has a wealth of green belt land but sufficient areas of development and growth to provide its more than a million inhabitants with the choice of living where the action is or in rural bliss. Hertfordshire is one of the Home Counties and for around 60 years was a thriving hub for the British film making industry. Three of the Star Wars films were produced in Borehamwood and US film director Stanley Kubrick lived and worked in Elstree until he died. More recently, Elstree Studios has produced a number of popular TV shows…

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Rent My Caravan Facebook Competition

Win a £100 and a New Year Bottle of Champagne We started the Rent My Caravan Facebook page in September this year and thanks to all our followers we now have almost 1,000 likes.  As a company we like to give something back so to show our gratitude we would like to make the following offer.  We are trying to achieve 1,500 likes over the next month.  All you have to do is share our page and ask people to like it and submit a caravan related photo.  This can be anything from your pet outside a caravan, a caravan you own, a caravan you have rented, a gypsy caravan; in fact anything at all that directly or indirectly has anything to do with caravans….

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