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UK Caravan Holidays Can Save You Money

UK Caravan Holidays Can Save You Money

Saving Money This Year We understand that a lot of people don’t have the money to be spending on big holidays abroad every year, that’s why UK caravan holidays can save you money. Being based up and down the country, the cost of travel can be cut by how far you’re wanting to go. Using sites like our own it’s easy to find great deals for a week get away. Entertaining the kids doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. With many caravan sites being close to many beautiful beaches and architectures. It’s easy to have a cheap summer this year. Holidays Are Important Holidays are most definitely important, from time to time we need to take the time to wind down from the…

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Static Caravans for Rent. It may be Bigger Than Your Flat!

Big Static Caravans for Rent

For people who believe static caravans are cramped spaces in which to crash after spending the day at the beach in the summer, or hiking through Britain’s abundant green and pleasant land we would like to dispel this myth. It may well have been true decades ago but static caravans have not been left out in this age of innovation and modern technology. If you pick an area in the UK that you would ideally like to spend your holidays, you will find a wealth of caravan dealers who will be only too happy to show you static caravans that are possibly bigger than the flat you live in.   Fantastic features in static caravans for rent Some are double glazed, may have two bathrooms…

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Renting a Static Caravan – Know Who You Are Dealing With

Beware of renting a static caravan for your holidays through social media unless you can verify that the advertiser is genuine. Recently dozens of would be holidaymakers believe they were scammed having booked caravans that didn’t exist through an alleged private letting agent on Facebook. The families who lost money were from the South West in Devon, Cornwall and Bristol after their bookings were cancelled at the last minute by the agent, who conducted her business via email and Facebook. The caravan she advertised was located on Perran Sands Caravan Park, Cornwall.   Booking for renting a static caravan was cancelled at the last minute One victim from Hengrove, Jane Ryan, booked her family holiday for 26 July reserving one week in the caravan, but…

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Whose responsibility is it to clear the snow on static caravan parks?

We’ve had a lot of enquiries in the past about snow on holiday static caravan parks and as winter is approaching we thought we would clarify a few things for caravan owners and people who are renting a static caravan over the winter period, short or long term. There are many rules and regulations covering the clearance of snow for caravan park operators. The law requires that users of the park are kept safe but making a decision about taking action against a park owner can be as difficult as making one not to. There are a few holiday parks that consistently fail to address the problems of snow and ice and this is unfair not to mention illegal! If the holiday park’s licence allows…

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How to alleviate condensation in static caravans for rent

Condensation problems are the bane of a landlord’s life in the UK and the same applies to static caravan owners who are renting their caravans out. Often mistaken for damp, holidaymakers will regularly complain about it to caravan owners whereas there are simple things that can be done to prevent too much condensation and the damaging effects of it. The primary cause of condensation is poor ventilation, particularly in the winter since in cold weather all doors and windows are shut for most of the time and the heating is on. Blocking draughts, double glazed windows and insulation in static caravans enhances the heat retention but diminishes ventilation. This causes moisture to develop and it simply can’t escape hence it will attach itself to colder…

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Protecting your static caravan for rent from storm damage

There is a hardly a year that goes by without the Met Office warning us about impending gales and issuing warnings about expected severe weather. Such is our lot in the UK where the weather is at best unpredictable and at worst monsoon like. Naturally many precautions you take against storm damage are common sense measures but if you have a static caravan for rent, you need to ensure that holidaymakers are aware of their responsibilities too. You should include these instructions in your welcome leaflet to guests: When there are gale force winds skylights should be kept shut. This applies when they are in the caravan and also when they are away from it. To prevent storm damaged caused by rattling, all doors and…

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5 Top Tips to Get People to Rent a Static Caravan More Than Once

Rent a Static Caravan more than once

There’s no doubt that you can attract a lot of bookings through Rent my Caravan but repeat business is always a bonus. If holidaymakers are happy with your caravan and its location the chances are that they may return year on year and will almost certainly recommend it to their friends.  It’s also good for you because you get to know the renters and if they have looked after your static caravan well you will always welcome them back. Here are some tips that have proved highly successful to get people to rent a static caravan more than once.     Provide freebies for the kids If you provide some inexpensive items for children to enjoy immediately they arrive at the caravan you’ll make both…

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Book a Staycation at Mablethorpe Chalet Park, Lincolnshire

Mablethorpe Chalet Park, Licolnshire

Tingdene Holiday Park, or Mablethorpe Chalet Park as it is commonly known, on the Lincolnshire coast, is a family favourite. It’s located in a traditional seaside town with a two mile stretch of stunning, golden sands. Stroll along the promenade and you will come across the iconic bathing beach huts available for rent and many places to drink, eat and relax; why not hire a deck chair to while away a few hours on the beach? It’s a very popular area to visit and thousands of holidaymakers search for a holiday home to rent every year, in and around the Mablethorpe area. Renting a caravan, chalet or lodge in the UK provides you with a “home from home” for the duration of your stay, unlike…

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Can Renting a Caravan Compete with Glamping?

Renting a Caravan | Rent My Caravan

For those who don’t yet know what Glamping is, it’s really the same as camping but in a luxurious tent, something I am sure will enhance the camping experience for those who truly love camping.  However, in my view renting a caravan provides a similar experience to Glamping but with even more luxury and comfort. For example, you won’t get a flat screen TV in a tent and for those of us that like to keep up with the news whilst we are away, that is a must for some people. It’s also something to keep the kids occupied in inclement weather. No trudging through the mud Trudging even a short distance in the mud to the toilet isn’t something that most of us would…

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The Effects of Condensation in a Static Caravan

condensation in static caravans

You should know that condensation in static caravans can cause problems because black mould will begin to form. There may also be mould of different colours visible on clothes, wood and carpeting. You might notice the mould on the ceilings, walls, seals, corners, window sills, seams and in some cases on floors including outside corners. Mould tends to form in cold areas so check them all. For anyone who has asthma, the airborne spores will exacerbate the condition and may cause chest problems for those people who are otherwise healthy. Mould, when it takes a hold, can damage your clothes and other fabrics irreparably so unless it is eradicated it can cause unnecessary additional expense. How to deal with the effects of mould Obviously, prevention…

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Beautiful Spring Gardens to Visit in the UK

Spring gardens to visit in the UK

It’s time to shake off your winter blues and raise your spirits with a visit to a refreshing spring garden. From beds of yellow daffodils, buds of delicate blossom and colourful tulips, the gardens are waking up after their winter slumbers. UK caravans for hire provide affordable accommodation for a well-deserved spring break and here are some of the most amazing gardens for you to enjoy. Blickling Estate Gardens, Norfolk This National Trust, 55-acre garden is amongst the finest in England. You will discover peonies, wisteria, rhododendrons, azaleas, bluebells and daffodils, as well as quiet areas to sit and contemplate the view. If you want to escape from your busy life try to find the hidden garden, a wonderful place to sit in peace and…

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Discover Static Caravans for Hire in the Yorkshire Dales

static caravans for hire in the Yorkshire Dales

Static caravans for hire may be the answer to affordable accommodation if you want to go somewhere quite ‘different’. Tired of sandy beaches, funfair rides and noisy crowds?  Renting a caravan on one of the many holiday parks in the Yorkshire Dales provides accommodation that is excellent value for money for everyone. The stunning scenery and enormity of the place is something mere words cannot possibly describe adequately, but we’ll have a ‘go’.  Breath-taking, jaw-dropping, exhilarating and memorable are all understatements. We have heard all of these words describing the area, and more.  Also, depending on the time of year you go, it can be totally different from one season to the next. Chill out by a waterfall Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale is a classic…

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