Caravan owners – register your van free on Rent My Caravan

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(Update 2016 – We no longer offer free listings. Click here for more info)

It has often been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch and it’s usually true. We are not offering you lunch but the opportunity to upload your static caravan to the Rent My Caravan website and this opportunity is definitely free!

Many caravan parks around Britain are opening for the season and caravan owners who would like more bookings have absolutely nothing to lose by advertising their vans on our website. Potential renters book directly with owners from the owner’s dedicated web page so there are no third parties or agents involved in the transactions.

Your own web page to advertise your caravan
To make life easier for our owners the web page allocated to your caravan has a reservations calendar showing when the caravan is booked and when it is not.  You can also upload photos which should be high quality because sometimes we make them into slide show videos for further promotion. If there aren’t many images or they are not of good quality we can’t create a video from them.

It is recommended that in addition to high quality photos you add as much information as you can not only about your caravan but also the Holiday Park on which it is located.  Holidaymakers like to know what facilities are going to be available to them particularly if they have children.  It’s also a good idea to let potential renters know if passes to the varying facilities are included in the price of rental and if not, how much they cost.  Most people are on tight budgets nowadays so will want to know at least a ballpark figure of how much their entire break is going to cost.

If you include the sort of information that you would be looking for on your Rent My Caravan page you won’t go far wrong and will save the hassle of prolonged communication answering lots of questions. You might not mind verbally providing more details for one or two holidaymakers but if you get as many bookings as some of our owners, the repetition will drive you mad!

Mention the extras and luxuries
As more and more people invest in static caravans for their holiday homes there is more competition in the rental market and seasoned caravan holidaymakers will choose those vans that provide luxuries or extras such as flat screen TVs, Xboxes, bed linen, towels, dishwashers, central heating etc. List all the benefits you believe your van has and naturally you will want to reflect them in the price of rental.

Provide a welcome pack
To help increase you rentals you might also want to provide a welcome pack which is always appreciated by holidaymakers, especially if they have had a long drive to get to the holiday park or are going to be arriving late when the shops will all be closed. Enough to make tea or coffee with a few biscuits and maybe some breakfast cereals can be enough or perhaps you might want to provide some frozen meals that they can heat up in the microwave.  Welcome packs give the holidaymakers a feeling that you are interested in making them comfortable and not just the money for rent.

With thousands of visitors, increasing month after month, you have nothing to lose and lot to gain by having your own web page on Rent My Caravan.  We are the fastest growing, most popular caravan portal on the web and we promote our website through social media and dedicated online marketing, so that our owners’ caravans get as much exposure as possible. Join us today!