What You Can Expect on Modern UK Holiday Parks

Caravan Holiday Parks in North Wales
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The perception people have of UK Holiday Parks may be directly related to their experience of them. But often, those who have never taken a holiday on a caravan park have preconceived ideas of what they are likely to find there.

In reality, holiday parks are sites where certain types of accommodation are offered which may include static caravans, tents, chalets and holiday lodges. In addition entertainment, activities and facilities are also provided on these parks and they do vary considerably.  Some are like small villages with everything you need to have a fantastic holiday; full of fun, adventure and nightlife that will go on until the early hours of the morning. Others are rural retreats, with very few facilities bar the necessities, where you’ll find a calm relaxing environment to really wind down from your otherwise busy lives.

Misconceptions about UK Holiday Parks

Misconceptions that some people have been quite amusing. Those that have never taken a caravan holiday or took one around 50 years ago have visions of the first Butlins Holiday camps or Hi de Hi. Objections are made about not wanting to use communal showers or public loos if anyone suggests taking a break on UK Holiday Parks.

Nothing could be further from the truth, with today’s caravans having fully fitted and equipped kitchens, just like you have at home. Bathrooms with walk-in showers or wet rooms and baths with Jacuzzis are more likely. The days of communal shower rooms and toilets are over on 21st century UK Holiday Parks.

Child safety and security

Caravan parks are also safe places for children to play both outside in the communal areas and in the Children’s Clubs that supervise their activities. Kid’s clubs provide so many activities that inspire and entertain children.

Comfort and Economy

Modern caravans provide excellent and sometimes luxurious self-catering accommodation. Many will sleep up to 8 people comfortably.  Most are equipped with everything you might find in your own home.  Fully fitted and equipped kitchens allow you to cook meals if you want to rather than going out to eat all the time. This is particularly useful for families on tight budgets.

Since they are usually rented out at weekly prices a group of eight can enjoy a very cheap holiday.  For example, a weekly rent of £450 works out at £56.25 per person.


Some of the best entertainment can be found on UK Holiday Parks. During peak periods you will find live entertainment, quiz nights, bingo, discos and other forms of entertainment every day.  Some of the best comedians, magicians, cabaret acts and bands perform on the holiday park circuit.
Most parks have a clubhouse which provides the social point for visitors to be entertained and to meet other holidaymakers.


Many parks have a restaurant, coffee shop, café or bar.  The food tends to be cheap, homemade and excellent value for money.

You will also be able to buy essentials in the site shop and usually, main supermarkets are not far from the park.

In the local area, there will be pubs, cafes and restaurants to visit most within easy travelling distance.


From swimming pools to mini golf courses; archery to wall climbing; amusement arcades to pool and snooker rooms, they can be found on UK Holiday Parks nationwide.  You are never short of something to do and children are always entertained.

Because excellent transport links exist to most caravan parks in the UK, it’s easy to just take off for a weekend break or annual holiday. Whether you drive or take public transport, you’ll be surprised what you can find within an hour or two’s distance from your home.

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