What is the Best Way to Advertise My Static Caravan?

How to Advertise my Static Caravan
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All static caravan owners will ask themselves this question when they first start letting their holiday homes out unless they have vast experience in the caravan rentals industry (which most don’t). Most experienced owners will tell you that the best way to “advertise my static caravan” is on the internet and it’s true. However, if you want frequent and regular bookings it’s not just a case of setting up a Facebook or web page.

How will potential caravan renters find your holiday home?

Many people believe that because something is on the internet everyone will see it but how will they find it if they don’t know the name (URL address) of the page? Maybe they’ll search on Google for “holiday caravans for hire”.  Why don’t you try that right now? How many did you find?

If you open a Facebook page how are you going to get followers who want to rent your caravan? Naturally, some of your friends will like your page but will your friends keep your holiday home fully booked? Unlikely isn’t it?

To maximise your caravan rentals in either of the above ways you will need to spend a lot of money on Facebook or Google ads, over a long period of time, before any significant number of renters can find your holiday home on the net.

Now let’s search on Google for “Advertise My Caravan” – I got a massive 972,000 results for that. One thing I noticed immediately was that there were some sites offering to advertise static caravans for free.

Free online caravan advertising

We’ve all heard the expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” but free caravan advertising is available. It’s usually free for a number of reasons, the main ones being:

  • The caravan portal is new and they are building up the caravans advertised on the site
  • The caravan rental site doesn’t spend much money on promoting the portal so doesn’t attract many visitors
  • The site is littered with Google or other search engine advertisements so when someone lands on your advertisement, there are several other ads around it perhaps for finance, loans, holiday parks etc. These ads distract the visitor who you want to solely concentrate on your caravan.

Caravan hire scams

For potential renters, free ad sites and Facebook pages for caravan rentals are losing their appeal in the light of a number of scams where people take deposits for caravan holidays in non-existent caravans. There have already been several this year. They have all been very similar to those committed by a Nuneaton woman who was recently jailed for 16 months after she admitted nine offences related to fraud, including taking several deposits for caravans that did not exist.

So be careful. It’s easy for people to commit fraud when they can set up free pages with false contact details.

So how can I advertise my static caravan?

There are several caravan portals on the internet including Rent My Caravan and the owners pay a reasonable fee to advertise a static caravan. Whilst we don’t accept responsibility for the caravans advertised on our site, we do have ways to verify our owners. They pay a reasonable annual fee and we contact them regularly to get their feedback. We also flag any suspicious looking ads such as those that are uploaded with manufacturers’ photos or those without exterior views. Reputable caravan portals are the best form of advertising for caravan owners.

In addition, we promote our website and the individual caravans across several social media platforms (why not visit and like our Facebook page),  where the owners’ holiday homes are viewed by thousands of potential holidaymakers every month.

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