Is it Worth Adding Optional Extras if I am Going to Rent My Caravan?

Static Caravan Lounge
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If you are investing in a static caravan holiday home with a view to making a profit out of rentals there are two ways you can look at it.

If you want to provide no-frills accommodation during the summer, on a busy holiday park where there are lots of facilities and entertainment it may well be enough for some families. After a busy day out at the beach or on the holiday park where they are able to eat in a restaurant, and then come home very late after watching the cabaret or enjoying a few drinks, they may purely use the caravan as a place to shower and sleep.



No frills accommodation can attract more bookings for less rent

However, no-frills accommodation no matter where it commands less rent but of course more bookings, since it is cheaper than superior alternatives. It’s also affordable to many people who pack their days full of adventure and exploration and are not concerned as long as the caravan has comfortable beds and the few facilities they need.

In addition, if the caravan is going to be rented out to family groups with children and possibly pets you might not want to spend a lot of money on special or expensive features since there is more likelihood that they will be damaged and therefore will need to be replaced. This can eat into your rental income even if you have covered damages with a deposit, since you may have to travel to the static caravan to effect repairs or employ someone to do it for you.

Luxury caravan rentals produce more rent but possibly fewer bookings

Conversely, if you invest in a luxury caravan and add decking, patio furniture, ceiling speakers, an MP3 player, insulation, feature fireplace, wine rack and Jacuzzi bath to name but a few of the optional extras available for modern caravans, the rent can reflect the luxuriousness of the accommodation. And you will very likely be able to rent the caravan out not only in the summer but during the winter months too depending on where you decide to pitch it. It’s possible that you may get fewer bookings in the summer because of the high rental but since the rent is so high, it should balance out and allow some weeks for you, your family and friends to spend time enjoying your holiday home.

It’s not just holidaymakers that rent static caravans during the winter months, you can expect some bookings from artists, writers, birdwatchers and mountaineers among many other people who need a break away to practice their hobbies and seek inspiration in a tranquil location. is the ideal place to attract people who will be interested in renting your caravan for whatever purpose, summer or winter.