7 Useful Tips for Your Rented Static Caravan Holiday

Rented Static Caravan Holiday
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If you have never experienced the joy of renting a static caravan for a holiday in the UK there may be some things that the more experienced caravan holidaymaker will know but you might not think about. Like boy scouts, it is always best to “be prepared” so we have produced a few useful tips to make your Rented Static Caravan Holiday more comfortable and hassle free.

1. Where’s the sea Mum?

Throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles, there are innumerable holiday parks with a diverse range of excellent facilities and local attractions, many of which are within easy walking distance. However, if you and your family want to spend your time swimming and lying on a beach it’s logical to select a static caravan holiday park that is a coastal resort. If you can only see the sea through powerful binoculars you’ll have to drive to the beach every day and if in peak season, it may be difficult to park the car. Your family are not going to be happy wasting much of the holiday on searching for a parking space and even when you find one it may entail a long walk to the beach.

2. Excuse me; do you know where the toddler club is?

The vast majority of good holiday parks provide a range of activities for children of all ages to participate in. However, if you need specific facilities for your children such as a toddler club, crèche or babysitting service you should check before booking that these facilities are offered.

3. Where’s the light?

If you live in a town or city you’ll be used to street lights when you go outside. If you are renting a static caravan that’s located in a rural location it may very well be a “home from home” but going out after dark can be a nightmare if you don’t have a torch or two. Torches are also useful for when you return to the caravan after a night out.

4. Remember your Wellies

Britain is notorious for its rain. One minute there might be a clear blue sky and the next the heavens can open. Depending on where you are renting a static caravan you may need wellies; more especially if the holiday park or location of the caravan is in England’s green and pleasant rural land. It’s not very pleasant when your sandaled feet have mud squelching between the toes, so remember to take your Wellies. If the worst happens and they get covered in mud you can rinse them off. An experienced caravan holidaymaker knows about the useful trick of finding a couple of sticks, hammering them into the ground and then placing the boots over them. This will dry them out and also save you having to store them in the caravan.

5. Wet doggie odours

If you are taking your dog on holiday with you and he decides to splash about in a stream, dives into the sea or goes for an impromptu swim in the nearby lake, after you have rubbed him down with a towel it’s likely he will have that wet doggie smell all dog lovers are familiar with. If you finish the drying process by rubbing a tumble dryer fragrance sheet over him he’ll smell wonderful and you won’t have to put up with the wet doggie odour in your rented static caravan.

Check prior to booking that the holiday park you are intending to rent a static caravan in is pet-friendly.

6. Condensation in static caravans

The mirror in a static caravan bathroom mists up quite quickly, especially when several family members take showers one after the other. Wiping the mirror with a damp cloth followed by a small amount of ordinary washing up liquid and then leaving it to dry will ensure that it will remain clear for the entire holiday.

7. Save money renting a static caravan direct from the owner

If you are thinking about renting a static caravan for your next holiday book early because taking a couple of weeks or even a weekend break in this great country of ours is becoming very popular. Renting from a private owner can work out much more economical than booking through a static caravan holiday park, so check out those that are available on rentmycaravan.com to get the best rates.