Protect Your Static Caravan From Storm Damage


There is a hardly a year that goes by without the Met Office warning us about impending gales and issuing warnings about expected severe weather. Such is our lot in the UK where the weather is at best unpredictable and at worst monsoon-like. This blog gives a few tips on how to protect your static caravan from storm damage. Naturally many precautions you take against storm damage are common sense measures but if you have a static caravan for rent, you need to ensure that holidaymakers are aware of their responsibilities too. You should include these instructions in your welcome leaflet to guests: When there are gale force winds skylights should be kept shut. This applies when they are in the caravan and also when…

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Should I Rent Out My Static Caravan?

What income can I expect if I rent my caravan? A main concern for many owners of static caravans is how much income they can hope to achieve from renting out their holiday homes.  Most owners who decide to rent their caravans do so to cover the cost of insurance, maintenance and site fees and in some cases to help toward the cost of a loan they may have taken out to purchase the static caravan. What should I consider before I rent out my Static Caravan? 1) Rental income will be vastly reduced if you or your friends and family use your static caravan a lot throughout the year.  This particularly applies if the caravan is being used in peak holiday times such as…

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5 Top Tips to Get People to Rent a Static Caravan More Than Once

Rent a Static Caravan more than once

There’s no doubt that you can attract a lot of bookings through Rent my Caravan but repeat business is always a bonus. If holidaymakers are happy with your caravan and its location the chances are that they may return year on year and will almost certainly recommend it to their friends.  It’s also good for you because you get to know the renters and if they have looked after your static caravan well you will always welcome them back. Here are some tips that have proved highly successful to get people to rent a static caravan more than once.     Provide freebies for the kids If you provide some inexpensive items for children to enjoy immediately they arrive at the caravan you’ll make both…

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7 Useful Tips for Your Rented Static Caravan Holiday

Rented Static Caravan Holiday

If you have never experienced the joy of renting a static caravan for a holiday in the UK there may be some things that the more experienced caravan holidaymaker will know but you might not think about. Like boy scouts, it is always best to “be prepared” so we have produced a few useful tips to make your Rented Static Caravan Holiday more comfortable and hassle free. 1. Where’s the sea Mum? Throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles, there are innumerable holiday parks with a diverse range of excellent facilities and local attractions, many of which are within easy walking distance. However, if you and your family want to spend your time swimming and lying on a beach it’s logical to select…

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