How Private Caravan Owners can Deter Bad Guests

Private caravan owners, bad guests

Half the year has gone and we have heard from several private caravan owners that their guests have left caravans in a dirty or damaged condition at the end of rentals. Over recent years this has become an increasing and ongoing problem. Other issues involve people arriving with more guests than were booked. For example one owner reported, on visiting the holiday home, that their 8 berth caravan had 14 people in it rather than the 6 that had been booked in. Clearly this is wholly unacceptable. Not only were these people breaking the Terms and Conditions of the letting but also breaching the holiday park rules.  In addition had anything untoward occurred, the insurance would have been negated. So what can private caravan owners…

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Enjoy a Cornwall Static Caravan Holiday

UK static caravan holidays

UK static caravan holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years as people start to discover this beautiful country of ours. Why not enjoy a Cornwall Static Caravan Holiday? Cornwall attracts thousands of visitors every year many of whom rent accommodation on the holiday parks in the area. Groups of friends who go to Cornwall for surfing find that renting a caravan is more affordable since 6 or 8 of them can chip into the weekly rental price. They can go out fishing and bring their fish back to cook in a fully equipped kitchen, saving them money on eating out. Cornwall is busy all year round but never more so than in the summer.  Here are some of the activities you can enjoy on…

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Why some Owners get More UK Caravan Lets than Others

Advertising caravan lets

Caravan lets work very well for owners by providing some income to offset against the maintenance and running costs of keeping a UK holiday home. However, some owners get more caravan lets than others and here is why: Advertising Unless your day job involves marketing it’s reasonable to assume you won’t have an in depth knowledge of advertising. You might have the most luxurious, fully equipped caravan on the planet but you won’t get many caravan lets unless people know where it is. Here are some ways that you can increase your rental potential:   Sign in the caravan window – You can place a “to let” notice in the window of your caravan with a telephone number for people to contact you.  Visually this…

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Hire a Static Caravan Near UK Summer Music Festivals

Hire a static caravan near UK Music Festivals

You can hire a static caravan near any of the summer music festivals in Britain, providing an affordable way to spend a holiday or short break to enjoy them. Most of the UK’s music festivals are world famous and have been held for many years, including the most famous at Glastonbury. The festival scene has boomed over the past ten years or so, meaning that almost every niche you could think of is now covered. Listen to the latest bands and solo singers from every music genre, recline in your chairs and relax to classical music, attend family-friendly raves, participate in extreme sports or watch amazing fireworks displays. Here is our guide to some of the best Music Festivals this summer in the UK. Why…

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What You Can Expect on Modern UK Holiday Parks

Caravan Holiday Parks in North Wales

The perception people have of UK Holiday Parks may be directly related to their experience of them. But often, those who have never taken a holiday on a caravan park have preconceived ideas of what they are likely to find there. In reality, holiday parks are sites where certain types of accommodation are offered which may include static caravans, tents, chalets and holiday lodges. In addition entertainment, activities and facilities are also provided on these parks and they do vary considerably.  Some are like small villages with everything you need to have a fantastic holiday; full of fun, adventure and nightlife that will go on until the early hours of the morning. Others are rural retreats, with very few facilities bar the necessities, where you’ll…

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Oh We do like to be Beside the Seaside on UK Caravan Holidays!

UK caravan holidays by the seaside

There are thousands of families, couples and groups of friends who choose UK caravan holidays for their annual breaks. One of the main reasons is so they can affordably holiday beside the sea. The locations where caravan holiday parks can be found in Britain allow people to enjoy invigorating beach walks; visit the many wildlife habitats near to the shoreline and to take in the stunning views along the varied coastlines. Most provide fun-filled holidays for all the family with plenty of activities, both on site and off site. Rent My Caravan offers an amazing, range of static caravans for hire in a widespread radius of locations throughout the United Kingdom, including England Ireland and Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Wight, many of them…

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Explore Real Life Harry Potter Film Locations in the UK

Explore Harry Potter film locations in the UK

The Harry Potter books, written by JK Rowling, are famous for being some of the best-selling books, ever. The tales follow Harry’s adventures through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy. Harry lives under the stairs in a house with his uncle, aunt and spoilt cousin, Dudley. Harry is conveyed from his ordinary life to a boarding school for wizards, Hogwarts. Here he meets new friends, discovers new skills like flying on a broomstick and ends up confronting his parents’ killer. So you have read the series of books and seen the movies, now what better way to indulge your imagination than to visit some of the amazing Harry Potter film locations in the UK. London The Harry Potter story begins in the fictional town of…

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Lift your Mood with Static Caravan Rental on the Isle of Skye

Static Caravan Rental on the Isle of Skye

There’s nothing quite like a complete change of scenery to lift your mood and Static Caravan Rental on the Isle of Skye could be just the tonic you need for your next holiday. Renting a static caravan is one of the cheapest forms of self-catering holiday accommodation for families and groups of friends. This is because you don’t rent per person or room but a whole unit. Static caravans sleep between 4 and 10 people depending on the model. If everyone chips in it bring the price of an individual’s holiday down to a very affordable level. Static Caravan Rental on the Isle of Skye There are several static caravan parks on the Isle of Skye and if you search Rent My Caravan you will…

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