10 Tips for Holidays in Dog Friendly Caravans

Dog friendly caravans in the UK
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Many people wouldn’t dream of leaving their dogs at home when they go on a caravan holiday in the UK and there are plenty of holiday parks nationwide that allow dogs. However, when looking for one, search for dog friendly caravans because not all caravan owners accept pets, even if the park does.

Here are some things to consider before you book and pay a deposit on your accommodation:

  1. Owner’s rules – Owners of dog friendly caravans will almost certainly have their own rules with regard to pets and you will usually be charged extra. Make sure you know how much extra you will be expected to pay before booking,
  2. In the caravan – You may be able to leave your dog alone in the holiday home for a short period but most owners, quite reasonably, will not allow you to do so for long periods.
  3. Park restrictions – Almost certainly there will be restrictions on most caravan parks as to the number of dogs allowed so if you have more than two check with the park and owner.
  4. Park rules – When your dogs are on the park they will need to be kept on a lead and this is a rule applied on all dog friendly caravan sites in the UK. Dogs are expected to be the well behaved variety so incessant barking, or unsociable behaviour, will not be tolerated and could result in early termination of your holiday.
  5. Microchips – In Wales it has been compulsory to have dogs microchipped since April 2015 and became compulsory in England last month. So make sure you take your dog’s credentials with you.
  6. Facility restrictions – It’s unlikely that you will be able to take your dog into the clubs, bars, amusement arcades or any other facilities the holiday park provides. However, you may find that some coffee shops and pubs in the local area may be dog friendly.
  7. Unfamiliar surroundings – Bear in mind that even dog friendly caravans are still strange to your pet so keep them with you as much as possible and above all keep them safe!
  8. Dog friendly beaches – Check out the local beaches before you book to see which ones allow dogs.
  9. Vets – Find out where the nearest veterinary surgery is to the holiday park in case of unforeseen illness are accidents. Owners of dog friendly caravans often provide a wealth of leaflets in their holiday homes of local attractions and services so may well be able to let you know where a vet can be found.
  10. Cars – No matter the weather don’t leave your dog in the car!

There are several dog friendly caravans and holiday parks to be found on Rent My Caravan nationwide where you can book direct with owners.

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